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Wellness in its broadest sense encompasses Mind, Body and Spirit.  We will be building on the foundations of WORKTECH to further explore all the facets that affect Wellness within the Workplace, from the impact of technology, job design, and best practices.

Future Of Workplace

09:05 Chair – Opening remarks

Despina Katsikakis, Consultant

Despina is a thought leader on the impact of the built environment on people and business performance and advises corporate occupiers, real estate developers and investment funds.

09:10 The Future of Wellbeing

Tom Savigar, Chief Growth Officer, The Future Laboratory

Tom will examine dramatic shifts in workplace from multiple perspectives such as design, wellness, technology and equality. And as business and leisure become increasingly indistinguishable, will explore the shift from Big Brother-style monitoring in the workplace to a hospitality and wellness model.

09:50 Work Reinvented -Surviving a working world under stress

Bruce Daisley, VP Europe, Twitter

Modern work is frying our brains. We're working longer and harder than ever before but... just... getting... nothing... done. What can we do to make happier and more rewarding?

10:15 TfL’s Journey Through Change

Simon Williams, Head of Business Change Project Management TfL Programme

The pressures of constant change can inevitably lead to stress and impacts on health and wellbeing. This presentation will use examples from Transport for London to demonstrate how by preparing and supporting people through change it can be delivered more successfully and sustainably with fewer impacts on health and performance.

10:45 Coffee

Health In The Workplace

11:15 Managing Mental Health and Organisational Culture

Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director, BITC

Louise will explore new thinking about how line managers are embedding mental health into organizational culture

11:35 Case study: Implementing New Thinking

Accenture UK

Accenture will share key insights onthe subjects of mental health, organisational culture and examining themes such as line management.

11:45 How can we improve the conversation about emotional wellbeing in the workplace?

Brendan Street, Professional Head of CBT, Nuffield Health

Why are conversations regarding emotional wellbeing and mental health, either not happening or occurring in a simplistic way? Brendad discusses how we can improve the dialogue and reduce stigma.

12:05 Time to Change

Adam Spreadbury, Co-chair of the Bank of England’s Mental Health Network

Hear Adam share his own experience of mental health as well as new developments with the Bank of England’s ‘whole organisation’ approach to the subject. With a programme including training for managers and an intranet hub, Adam outlines their success with the employee led mental health network. He will also highlight a City-wide initiative, This is Me – in the City.

12:25 Lunch

13:35 Welcome back

Workplace Culture

13:30 The New Nowhere Land

Dr Almuth McDowall, Head of Department Senior Lecturer in Organizational Psychology / Birkbeck University

This session outlines new research on work culture and technology. When did you last switch off? The session will be interspersed with some exercises and opportunities for interaction

13:50 Creating Effective Workplace Communities, Q&A

Laura Jackson, EMEA Head of Benefits, Pensions and IAM, Credit Suisse, UBS, RBS, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, etc. TBC

How do we drive effective communities for a well and engaged workforce? With the equation of engaged = committed = productive employee, and new thinking ranging from concierge services to engineering social collisions, we explore how best to maximise our workplace environment.


14:10 Feeling Good

Ali Ganjavian, Co-Founder, Studio Banana

Currently the single most devastating cause of productivity loss is psychological illnesses: stress, burn-out, work-related depression. In a highly-demanding professional, employees' feelgood factor is not longer a nice-to-have feature but an obligation. We will explore the notion of wellness at the workplace from different perspectives: ergonomics, social, health, mental...

14:30 Work-Life Integration: How Do You Get the Balance Right?

Parita Kansara, Training and Development Manager, Lion Heart
Nick Martel, Chief Operating Officer, CBRE
Kate Taylor FRICS, Consultant Trainer APC and valuation, RICS

Long working hours, commutes, job insecurities, financial requirements and personal demands can leave us feeling over-stretched and struggling to find any balance in our lives. Parita leads this panel exploring tools and techniques to find a better balance between work and home.

14:55 Coffee

Workplace Experience And Environment

15:20 Human Integrated Design

Dr. Christine Bruckner, FAIA, Director at M Moser Associates
Ann Marie Aguilar, Director of Operations, IWBI Europe

Christine and Ann Marie will share human centered design principles that are delivering healthy building solutions across projects seeking WELL Certification. WELL is not a typical rating system but a protocol that delivers business outcomes.

15:45 Delivering Optimum Performance and Resilience

Kate Cook, Author of the Corporate Wellness Bible and UK’s Leading Nutrition and Wellness Expert

As the world of work becomes increasingly fast moving, with more pressure and more unforgiving, far too many of us are pushing our minds and bodies to the limit. Kate as one of the UK’s leading Wellness and Nutrition experts explores how employee nutrition should lead to optimum performance and resilience. By giving employees the tools to start their transformation towards health; small changes, consistently applied create ‘well’ corporations that are fulfilling, engaging and profitable places to be.


16:10 Mindful Design – Principles in practice

Aidan Walker, Director, Aidan Walker Associates

Leaders in business, education, hospitality, health – and government - are paying ever more careful attention to personal wellbeing. It can be about cranking up productivity, generating a new profit centre for guests who mistake luxury (and high-margin spa products) for inner solace, or reducing stress. For workplace professionals and designers, the driving principle is changing from Sustainability to ‘Wellness’. With the ‘Seven C's of Mindful Design’ Aidan Walker proposes a map of the new

16:30 The Science and Style of Biophilic design

Oliver Heath, Founder Oliver Heath Design

Oliver Heath discusses new research that demonstrates how we can harness the human attraction to nature to reduce stress and aid recuperation by utilising Biophilic design principles.

In this way we can make tangible benefits to the workplace including reducing costs such as absenteeism whilst improving productivity, engagement and happiness.

16:50 Closing Remarks

16:55 Conference Closes

16:55 Networking Drinks

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