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Wellness at work

The rise of interest in Wellness at Work has led to a bespoke and exciting new event launching, in partnership with Deloitte, on 19th September.

It encompasses all aspects of Wellness including Mind, Body and Spirit and addresses some of the most interesting and challenging subjects such as the stigma of mental health, taming technology, nutrition, design and much more.

Reasons to attend

  • Discover strategies of leading wellness initiatives
  • Listen to expert speakers and authors sharing their perspectives
  • Hear new design and technology trends supporting wellness at work
  • Network with senior workplace professionals in the field

Some of the themes we’ll cover are outlined below. Stay tuned for the speaker line-up and programme in the coming weeks.


  • Astoundingly 25% of the population, will be affected by Mental Health at some point within their lives. With the increase of smartphones, the line between work and leisure time is becoming ever more blurred, it makes sense that this is set to increase.
  • We will examine the stigmatisation that has historically been associated with the issue of mental health.
  • We will see how we can ‘Tame the Tech’, is the smartphone in your hand a friend or foe? Is it the responsibility of the company or the individual to set out the limits?
  • Employers need to be smart on their governance of staff, to identify those working long hours, or that are showing signs of an unhealthy work balance. We will identify how companies can utilise simple cost effective strategies.
  • Enhance the workplace by having both emotionally literate, and emotionally resilient staff.


  • How job design can improve both emotional wellbeing within the workplace, and physical health.
  • The Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design will present the findings from their ground-breaking study leading an industry research consortium to explore the links between workspace design and wellbeing.
  • Sitting is the new smoking of the workplace. New studies show that becoming more active in how you work during the day not only bring health benefits but can increase your longevity too!
  • Ergonomics – with the rise of Bring Your Own Device to work, and agile working, are we laying the foundations for a RSI epidemic? How the furniture that you use at work can help you focus and be more productive.
  • Food at Work - food and drink are fundamental to our lives; we time our days with them, we have a profound emotional connection with them. But in many workplaces, the direct link between food, productivity and well-being has not been explored.


  • Mindfulness, everybody’s talking about it, everyone’s doing it, there’ve even a parliamentary initiative about it! How do we incorporate the proven benefits within the workplace, and help ground staff and provide this invaluable tool to increase emotional resilience.
  • The effect of having engaged staff can be profound, how communication strategies throughout the business can provide the key.
  • There is a wealth of activities that can positively influence wellness of employees, from art to choirs, table tennis and social networks – we will explore these and question, what can you do and why should you do it.
  • Studies have shown that those organisations with a more diverse workforce, are equipped with the capabilities of making better decisions. How can organisations attract these individuals and change so that they remain an attractive employment proposition to the employee throughout their career life-cycle.

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