Wellness in its broadest sense encompasses Mind, Body and Spirit.  We will be building on the foundations of WORKTECH to further explore all the facets that affect Wellness within the Workplace, from the impact of technology, job design, and best practices.

9.00 Welcome from Chair

Despina Katsikakis, Consultant

Despina is an industry leader with an international reputation for thought leadership and innovation on the impact of the built environment on people and business performance and serves as an independent adviser to corporate occupiers, real estate developers and investment funds.


9:05 A Mind for Business

Andy Gibson Author and Founder, Mind Apples

Mental wellbeing can feel like a luxury, but in the knowledge economy it is the key driver of business performance. Andy Gibson, author of A Mind for Business, calls for businesses everywhere to put the minds of their staff at the heart of their strategies, and shares some practical tips for working smarter and more sustainably.


9:45 Good Practice: A Personal Perspective

John Binns, Ex-Partner and Mental Health and Personal Resilience adviser at Deloitte

John advises many corporates on mental health and wellbeing and is a respected public speaker and media commentator on managing stress in the workplace. Based on his own personal experience, John has lead a wide range of ground breaking mental health and wellbeing initiatives within Deloitte UK which have been nationally and internationally recognised as leading practice. John will share his top tips for good practice and personal resilience.

10.00 Deloitte Wellbeing Programme

Emma Codd, Talent Partner at Deloitte

Emma will explore how Deloitte leading the way with Wellbeing through their commitment to offering an environment which supports both the mental and physical wellbeing of their people.

10.15 Hopes and Expectations: A Conversation across Career Stages

Jonathan de Lance Holmes, Partner at Linklaters
Sally Boyle, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Rosie Tressler, CEO at Student Minds and a recent Graduate

We explore diverse perspectives of a graduate's experience of work after University, their hopes and expectations of work versus a long serving employee's perspective. We examine issues such as our long working hours culture where our 'global jobs' present challenges our job descriptions have to accommodate. Should employers be open to shift working / job sharing?



11:15 The engagement factor : market trends to inform your wellbeing strategy

Patrick Watt, Corporate Director, Bupa UK
Rob Edmundson, Director of Product, Proposition & Digital, Bupa UK

Bupa will explore changing employee demographics and the impact these have on traditional employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives.

Who's doing what? What role are leading companies playing?

Sheila Champion-Smeeth, EMEAR Total Rewards Consultant at Cisco
Gillian Dore, HR Solutions & Leadership Development Lead at Cisco Nikki Kirbell, Health & Wellbeing Programme Coordinator at Unilever
Biba Binotti, Founder of Red Hat People

Cisco will outline how through unique collaboration between HR, Marketing and internationally renowned wellbeing expert, Jessie Pavelka, they help employees and families embrace healthier lifestyles, with tools to sustain and technology to manage. Unilever and the Bank of England will also share details of their award winning initiatives.


Chris Blackwell Frost, Chief Customer Officer at Nuffield Health

12:25 Food at Work

Kate Taylor, Account Director at Gather & Gather

We are more emotionally connected to food than ever before, yet the majority of employers fail to exploit food’s potential as a key driver in workplace strategy.

12:45 Lunch: Healthy eating

13:45 Welcome back

WELLBEING: Developing Resilience

13:45 Tempo Wellbeing

Kim Garner and Dan Cooper, Directors at Tempo Wellbeing

Dan and Kim will lead a Tempo Wellbeing session exploring tools to enhance emotional resilience within the workplace. In a post lunch vocal workshop, we will experience techniques for increasing inclusion, acceptance and empowerment at work.

14:05 Creating a mentally healthy workplace

Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind

Emma will outline how you can create a mentally healthy workplace including how to promote wellbeing for all of your staff, tackle the work-related causes of mental health problems and support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem.

14.25 Sleep, Rest and Productivity at Work (and Life)

Dr Nerina Ramlakan, Author

Organisations spend billions every year hiring, training and mentoring employees but are they underestimating the power of what a better understanding of sleep and the consequences of poor rest are doing to their bottom line? And what techniques can help individuals and organisations improve sleep, maximise wellbeing and improve productivity at work? A practical, physiological and philosophical insight into the role of sleep in creating the ultimate competitive advantage.



Ann-Marie Aguilar, Associate Director at Arup / IWBI – WELL Faculty & UKMEA Client Relationship Manager

Ann-Marie’s current project-focus us in bringing health and wellbeing strategies into the forefront of integrated design – so that they are delivered as a seamless overarching framework.

15:05 Design Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Randy Fiser, CEO at American Society of Interior Designers

Our physical surroundings have a significant impact on our behaviours, decisions, and overall health and wellness. Using research to evaluate organizational behaviour, and LEED and WELL Building standards to design ASID’s new office, explore the principles to creating a healthy workplace and the protocols needed to achieve wellness.

15:20 Social Ergonomics in Workplace Design

Lillian Antonio, Senior Ergonomist – Herman Miller EMEA

New studies show that becoming more active in how you work during the day not only bring health benefits but can increase your longevity too!

A workplace that helps us initiate and regulate social interaction, and that takes into consideration factors like personal space, physical and psychological proximity, and territoriality, helps us feel better. And when we feel better, we work better.


16.05 Workplace wellbeing: can greater design participation provide a cure?

Jeremy Myerson, Director of Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design & WORKTECH Academy
Philip Tidd, Head of Workplace Cosnulting, Gensler

How design can improve both emotional wellbeing within the workplace, and improve physical health. The Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design will present the findings from their ground-breaking study leading an industry research consortium to explore the links between workspace design and wellbeing.

16:25 Design Psychology

Dr Craig Knight, Psychologist, and Director at IDR

Improving Best Practice. How do we measure productivity

16:40 Building a culture of movement in the workplace

Paul Nuki, Co-Founder and CEO at Stepjockey

Sedentary behaviour poses a growing risk to UK employers and their staff. Building movement in the workplace - and being seen to do so - is not just positive for health and productivity but fulfils the legal requirement that employers provide "safe systems of work". Paul Nuki, CEO of StepJockey and the founding editor of the NHS Choices web service, details the data and evidence base around sedentary behaviour and explores the tricks from the world of behavioural economics and digital 'gamification' that get even the most reluctant employees moving. The reward is not just a healthier workforce but a better engaged, more productive and resilient one.

16:55 Closing Keynote, The Slow Revolution

Carl Honoré, award-winning writer and author of internationally best-selling book, In Praise of Slowness.

How can we thrive in a fast world? By slowing down. Putting on the brakes can help us lead richer, more productive lives.

17:25 Chairman's Closing Remarks


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