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Conversational computing - the future user interface?

Advanced machine intelligence is allowing for a rise in chatbots and digital personal assistants, not only at home but also in the workplace. Learn how organisations and consumers are implementing this new tech to get more done, with simple tasks being completed more quickly and complex ones, more easily.

Li-fi becomes a reality…

The world’s first Li-fi office is led by Sogeprom, the property arm of French bank Société Générale. The new 3,500 square metre office – located in the commercial La Defense area of the French capital – is one of the first major workplaces in the world to use high-bandwidth, bi-directional Li-fi to provide internet access.

App’s for the workplace/ App-centric Workplace

Apps are set to be a key feature of high performing workplaces. Organisations who adopt these apps and digital platforms will reap the rewards of increased workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. Learn about new apps like MyPort (Schindler Elevator Corporation) and Workwell (Never Eat Alone) that allow building occupants/employees to summon an elevator, turn lights on and off, order an Uber, or even arrange for dry cleaning to be done – through your smartphone.

Neural networking

Neural networks are an emerging area of artificial intelligence and will have a profound effect on work and the workplace. Neural networks rely on interconnected processing elements that mimic the operation of neuron cells in the brain. These networks can be fed vast sets of data to spot patterns and learn to perform certain tasks. Spam email filters, image recognition software and machine translation all rely on neural networks.

Smart sensors - Edge analytics is coming to the workplace

Sensors allow us to gather all kinds of data and create actionable information that can be used to add value. Companies producing smart sensors, like PointGrab, are offering solutions with edge analytics which allows data analysis capabilities to occur at the sensor level; reducing latency, network traffic and enabling reactions to neighbouring devices.

Cisco’s Digital Ceiling

The digital era is here and businesses need to use technology to create new experiences and processes. Cisco’s Digital Ceiling framework converges all a building’s distinct networks onto a single IP network which, when fully implemented, offers building occupants a combination of information, efficiency, convenience, security, and comfort. A digital ceiling will be a fundamental component of creating new digital customer and workforce experiences in the future.

Case Study - Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG): The office of the future…

BCG, along with other major corporates like L’Oréal, SAP and Coach, have relocated to the 28-acre, 17 million square-foot development in Hudson Yards, New York – the largest private real estate project in US history. Find out how their new workplace facilitates interaction through the idea of fluidity.

Case Study - Barangaroo Development: APAC’s innovation epicentre

On the Western edge of Sydney’s CBD lies the colossal Barangaroo development – the first CBD precinct in Australia to target a climate positive outcome. Barangaroo hosts companies including PwC, Lendlease and Westpac. Tower Two was the first commercial building to open in the precinct with features including a rooftop solar and a centralised district cooling plant – the largest harbour water system in Sydney – which saves up to 500,000 litres of water from the mains network annually.


John Master

John Master
Business Development and Marketing Director, AVMI

John manages AVMI's business development group on a global basis, which includes sales, product management, partnering, business innovation and marketing. John also leads the company’s Streamline service division, which helps companies to standardise the delivery and support of workspace technologies in "multi-user environments" including meeting, event, innovation and retail spaces.

Before joining AVMI, John held a number of senior management and Board positions at various organisations in the telecoms sector, including leading the private equity arm at investment bank Nomura.

John is a frequent commentator about the importance of driving standards in the AV industry and frequently speaks at events.

Philip Ross

Philip Ross
Futurologist & CEO, Cordless Group & UNWORK

Twitter @Pjnross

Philip is an author, consultant and commentator specialising in the future of work. He predicts the way that new trends and forces such as emerging technology will shape how we work, live, learn and enjoy leisure.

He has written a number of books on the future of cities, work and workplace including The Creative Office, The 21st Century Office and Space to Work (all co-authored with Jeremy Myerson). He has also contributed to a number of other books including the Corporate Fool and the Responsible Workplace.

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson
Director, Engage Works

Twitter @Engage_Works

Dave is the Strategic Project Director for Engage Works Ltd, a creative technology agency that combines the best creative with cutting-edge technology to create unique, innovative and bespoke experiences that excite, inspire and engage.

His background spans creative and project direction across many sectors from exhibitions, collaborative working environments, visitor centres, touring shows, science centres, experiential retail, brand centres, museums to marketing events.

Dave delivers strategic counsel derived from industry insights and category expertise, to help clients transform their organisations through relevant deployment of technology. Specifically, he delivers business development, client engagement, project development, strategic planning and implementation support for key clients.

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