09:20 Smart Offices: A 2017 Vision for the Future

Jeremy Myerson, Director, The WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor, Royal College of Art

Thanks to advances in technology, the smart office building is an idea whose time has come. It brings with it a host of tangible benefits for employers and employees alike but what features do people really want? How much do people really know? New research commissioned by British Land of more than 1,000 London office workers sought some answers…

09:40 Building a smart future

British Land

We explore how one leading offices developer is addressing the challenges posed by a smart future. British Land’s recent report on Smart Offices, co-published with Worktech Academy, sets the scene for this panel of British Land experts: what are the opportunities and barriers in delivering smart buildings, from the different viewpoints of British Land’s technology, development, futureproofing and wellbeing experts and how are occupiers responding

11:00 Making Space Work Smarter

Mike Gedye, Executive Director, CBRE

We have undoubtedly reached an inflexion point in the evolution of the workplace where Developers, Tenants and the Technology companies are all hungry to promote smarter workplaces – so what’s holding the industry back and maybe Smart Buildings might not be the answer?

11:20 Can smart buildings enhance mind, body and spirit?

Philip Kite, Director, Building Services, Ramboll

Modern buildings produce masses of data. Before we add even more sensors, how can we use this data to improve our interface with the users, optimize performance and improve health and well-being in the workplace? Through integration of technology we can engage with users and influence sustainable lifestyles.

11:45 Activate to Collaborate: The Evolution of the Smart Workplace

Pradyumna V. Pandit, Vice President, Schneider Electric
Owen King, Senior Consultant, UnWork

Buildings are crucial enablers of economic activity but if we’re honest about it, they frequently fail to live up to our collective expectations based on our experiences everywhere we live, work and play. Schneider share some new research on how best to create and enable a smart building of the future

12:15 Smart Building Ecosystem

Sander Schutte, CEO, Mapiq

These smart buildings have become the norm and we can ask more from them than ever before. How do you create this new world promising comfort and innovation? It all starts with creating a tight-knit eco-system of trusted partners willing to work together towards a better future.

12:20 IoT Enabled Smart Buildings

Stephen Hayes, Managing Director, Beckhoff Automation Ltd

This presentation will illustrate how control systems can deliver the benefits of an IoT enabled smart building. Standards such as DALI, EnOcean and BACnet are combined in an IoT friendly environment that connect to IBM Bluemix and integrated into building management software such as Maximo and TRIREGA automating work orders and maintenance schedules.

13:30 Intelligent Workplace

Doug Lowrie, Global Workplace Product Manager, Microsoft
Simon Fry, Regional Workplace Strategist, Microsoft

When flooding a multimillion SqF portfolio with sensors is cost prohibitive we should better utilize existing infrastructure to yield valuable data. Advances in cloud computing and machine learning now enable large portfolios to tap into existing infrastructure for peak utilization data without the cost of tens of thousands of sensors.

13:55 The Edge 2.0 and beyond

Robert Scopes, Partner and
David Sie, Senior Manager, Deloitte

What are the “conditions for success” to deliver the benefits of Smart Buildings? One facet is the need for “Smart Occupiers”.

Hear Deloitte’s insight as both an Occupier and as a global advisor in Smart Buildings. Including: upgrading to “Version 2.0” of “The Edge”, and their experience applying these lessons with global clients.

14:25 Connected Lighting

Derek Wright, Global Head of Office Systems, Philips Lighting

Connected Lighting for offices of the future and the present. Why connected lighting is changing and how it may make financial sense to upgrade your buildings now.

14:45 Honeywell Session



15:30 Disrupting Real Estate: Panel debate

Vanessa Butz, Founder, District Technologies,
Yodit Stanton, Founder, Opensensors,
Danny Egan, Director, Blackstone Property Management,
Juliette Morgan, Head of Campus British Land

The panel will focus on how large real estate companies can partner and benefit from start-ups introducing new technologies and business models in the best way. In exchange, start-ups can navigate the traditional Real Estate market so both sides can win from a fruitful partnership.

16:00 Data, Design, Action: Innovation for the Built Environment

Matthew Claudel, Head of Research, Beco, PhD Researcher, MIT, Head of Partnerships, DesignX

Living, working, connecting, consuming – today, we inhabit a continuum, tied together by digital/physical experiences. Presenting his research with MIT DesignX (a new accelerator for urban innovation), and spatial analytics with Beco, Matthew Claudel will demonstrate transformations in the built environment, from workplaces to cities. This presentation evidences trends at the cutting edge of urban innovation, architecture design and commercial real estate.

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