PRINT OUTPUT IN THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY. Assessing the future of paper and print.

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Effective workspace design demands a holistic understanding of technology, people, furniture & real-estate. However the forgotten piece of the jigsaw is often print management. Both the provision of print devices, and the storage of their printed output, are often blights on otherwise strong workspace design.

The print world is changing . Devices are being consolidated, functions can be outsourced, electronic document management is now a mature solution, the paperless office has never materialised.

Business spends $12 billion worldwide on imaging products , and the UK alone throws away over half a billion pieces of printed paper every day. Not surprisingly, companies are now looking to find cost savings in the output space.

Against this background, what is the role of print in our emerging knowledge economy? How can a business arrive at an affective print strategy?

The presentation of information in a 'non-technical' way makes Print Output in the Knowledge Economy approachable and attractive to the non-IT specialist who nevertheless needs to understand the issues and how they impact his/her business. It provides forecasts and futures as well as tangible case studies and success stories.

This report will allow you to:

• Learn from the experience of print innovators
• Assess the best mix of print devices for your business
• Understand & overcome barriers to change
• Develop a coherent print strategy
• Realise cost-savings in the print and output space

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