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FutuRetail 2018 Agenda

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Sessions include:

How Hollywood Technology is Changing Fashion Retail

Matthew Drinkwater Head of Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency is using state-of-the-art technology to create immersive experiences for consumers and brands. Augmented and Virtual Realities are set to change the way that brands deliver online and in-store experiences, find out how best to navigate this new 3D world.

2018 European Consumer Trends

Richard Cope Senior Trends Consultant, Mintel

Ocean pollution. Data hacks. Teenage Angst. Trust. Consumer demands are evolving to face the environmental, political, technological and psychological challenges set by 2018. Mintel’s team of expert analysts have identified and analysed four key trends that will define the European consumer markets in the coming year and beyond.

The Future of Retail

Jack Stratten, Senior Trends Consultant, Insider Trends

Jack will look at how tech is changing retailer's ecosystems, the operational side of businesses and how it can improve the store experience. The retailers who make the most of tech will create businesses that are easier to run, connect with customers in more human ways than ever - and supercharge their profits.


David Wilding, Director of Planning, Twitter

How can we reach to shoppers today? Consumers are looking for a journey and to feel involved with the brand, not just to go through a purchase process. David Wilding will explore how Twitter is helping retail brand to get the most out of a product and how to increase their reach to attract the new generation of customers.

Co-mingling and the Mixed Use of Retail Destinations

Justin Taylor Head of Retail, EMEA, Cushman & Wakefield
Samuel Cotton Leasing Director - Retail at Battersea Power Station

New destinations are emerging in London where developers bring in food, retail, residential and offices together in an area. Battersea Power Station is being brought back to life as one of the most exciting and innovative mixed use neighbourhoods in the world. We look at all the key aspects of co-mingling with mixed use destinations and how to attract the best tenants.

Making Future Places

Mat Cash, Group Leader at Heatherwick Studio

Mat will focus on Heatherwick Studio’s work and design process and will explore how Heaterwick Studio approaches mixed use projects to develop retail locations. Hear some of the most innovative Mixed use case studies such as the Pacific Place a 650,000 sqm mixed use development in Hong Kong and a new public park and leisure destination in Abu Dhabi.

Prioritizing the Retail big "O"

Jon Himoff Managing Director, Connected Retail

The big retail "O" is, of course, omnichannel, the older sibling of multi-channel and the main enabler of next-generation consumer experiences. Omnichannel has been slighted as not even being topical any longer, as brands and retailers embrace more holistic service constructs for their customers. But in reality, most retailers still have a long round ahead to get systems organized to be able to coordinate consumer interactions across their ever-increasing number of touchpoints. The big "O" is still yet to be nailed.

How to create a Customer Centric ‘Living Business’

Herculano Rodrigues Associate Director, Javelin Group (Part of Accenture Strategy)

The digital revolution has enabled shoppers to take control of the purchasing journey. Successful retailers and small operators have responded with a compelling end-to-end customer experience. Find out practical examples for utilizing technological advancements to create the next phase of retail customization called “Living Services”

Industrialising Innovation: The art of innovating at scale

Sophie Albizua Co-Founder at RE_SET
Sam Monger Director of Strategy, Research and Analysis, Grosvenor
Tom Athron, Group Development Director at John Lewis Partnership

Innovation is the new buzzword and everyone looks up to the Unicorns for inspiration of dramatic change and super-fast scaling, with words like agility, hackathons, and labs, becoming part of the standard corporate vocabulary. Whilst most businesses manage to get some innovation projects off the ground, achieving sustainable innovation at scale, is another matter, and one that retailers in particular don’t have much time to answer given the disruption around them. The industrialisation of innovation has become one of the most important questions in corporate strategy history. We will be hearing from those ahead of the pack on this journey on how to achieve sustainable innovation at scale.

Case Study – Innovation Now



Panel Debate – Food the ultimate Retail Experience

Thomas Rose, Partner, EMEA Leisure & Restaurant team, Cushman and Wakefield
Helen Carr, Leasing Director (Food & Beverage and Leisure) at Battersea Power Station
Chef Francesco Mazzei, and D&D London

How can we create unique retail memories in the food and leisure sector?

Embracing the Brand from Design

Alberto Zontone, co-founder and CEO of Studio Urquiola

How can we transform the brand spirit into the physical store? Studio Urquiola is widely known to be playful and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional, a creative combination. They have created some of the most unique retail flagships for brands such as Gianvito Rossi, Missoni, Ferrari or Molteni that produce a reminder of the past and exploration of the future, creating a new experience for the user. Alberto will explore how design allows the customer to live a unique brand experience.


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