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FutuRetail 2017 Agenda

Sessions include:

As Wrong About Retail As We Were About Brexit?

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK

Rory shares a provocative view and questions whether we’ve been predicting it wrong all along? Now that Amazon are opening shops, maybe it's time to admit Argos was right? People enjoy ‘shopping shopping’, e-commerce is not that efficient and the Future of Retail won’t differ much from today.

The End of Retail?

Thomas Sevcik, Co-Founder and CEO of Arthesia

For many years stores have enjoyed stable growth in retail revenues. But profound changes in demographics, a poorer middle class, as well as the rise of online retail will challenge this. It might be the end of 'easy' retail as we know it. What will a new world of retail look like?

Cushman & Wakefield Panel Debate

Justin Taylor, Head of Retail, Cushman & Wakefield
Thomas Sevcik, Co-Founder and CEO of Arthesia
Craig White, Retail Project Director Argent Group Plc

Within the theme of Mixology; the science of mixed use in retail, Justin will discuss the concept of a property company as both owner of bricks-and-mortar retail space.

Brands and buildings, destinations and experiences

Ben Reed, Head of Brand, Silvertown

Silvertown is London’s new Creative Capital, located in the Royal Docks. A 7million sq. ft. development, purpose built for leading edge brands, businesses and people to unleash their creativity.

Placemaking and Mixed used developments

Mark Davy, Founder and CEO, Futurecity

The Science Behind Placemaking in an Omnichannel World, laying out the key strategies that landlords, retailers and developers need to implement.

Reinventing Retail

Sophie Albizua, co-founder eNova
Nick Brackenbury, Co-Founder & CEO at NearSt
Sean McKee, Director of Ecommerce and Customer Experience Schuh
James Bidwell, CEO
Maxime Taieb, Head of Solutions & Innovation at Carrefour E-commerce

How do retail business models need to adapt to survive and thrive in the new retail age.

Re-directing the demand

Nick Brackenbury, Co-Founder & CEO at NearSt

We're in a position where the demand for what we offer is already exploding. NearSt connects shoppers to find and buy products near them, by making the inventory in local shops searchable.

Uberising the retail experience

Philip Ross, CEO and Founder, UnWork

Philip is founder and CEO of UnGroup. He will look at the five forces disrupting commerce as well as the impact of smart technology and smart buildings on retail in an age of ‘real time real estate’. Authenticity, experience and activated buildings will be illustrated through global case studies.

The peaks of shopping: creating a rollercoaster of emotions

Alastair Lennox, Creative Director, FITCH

These days, the real challenge for retailers is to find focus in an ever growing omnichannel landscape. What if we decide to create a rollercoaster of emotions and connect the power of memories to revenues in retail?

The new world of retail

Suzy Ross, Founder, Ross & Company
Colin Greenwood, User Experience Director, Wolff Olins
Matt Lindop, Head of Service Design, Whitbread

Differentiating and delivering exceptional service propositions based on lifetime profitability

Retail Lighting – Beyond Illumination - Unlocking the value of retail apps through lighting

Darren Smith, Systems Architect – Retail Lighting

Today's connected shoppers are driving new in-store experiences. Research shows: “nearly half of retail sales are initiated via mobile, social media and the web”, but almost 90% of transactions still happen in a physical store. With 8 out of 10 shoppers using their mobile phones inside a store, the opportunities for digital engagement are great and the need for the in-store experience to complement a shopper’s online interactions is crucial. The Internet of things is transforming smartphones into the retail tools of the future and connecting lighting systems are key to unlocking the potential.

Future Retailers - from shop keepers to customer keepers

Suzy Ross, Founder, Ross & Company

The future of retail is all about a land grab for high value customers. Retailers must orient the entire business proposition around high value customers and attracting a new generation of a similar profile and to have a compelling value proposition for the tail. In essence, retailers must cease to think of themselves as shopkeepers and instead become keepers of customers - with compelling product, brand and service propositions.

Shopping in the future: do good, feel good

Rana June, CEO, Lightwave Inc.

Ebay's ultimate feel good shopping pop up before Christmas used Lightware technology to measure and visualize the emotional buying decision. Hear how with new technology we can now measure facial motions, micro-expressions and subconscious reactions to understand how consumers react to products at point of sale.

The Supermarket of the Future

Marco Maria Pedrazzo, Head of Business Development, Carlo Ratti Associati

Future grocery stores will be full of smart technology. The team at CRA share latest thinking based on prototypes developed at the Milan’s World Expo. With 6,000 products displayed on interactive tables and smart shelves, motion sensors, real time data visualizations, they detect presence and activate digital displays creating a seamless augmented reality experience for the shopper without need for a separate device or additional action. All the shopper of the near future needs to do is reach for what they want, then look up.


Global, environmental, economic trends shaping retail

  • Placemaking
  • The customer – social trends

Social and tech trends affecting retail (where people want to live and how they want to shop in the future)

Smart places retail buildings. The physical manifestation of what shop of future would look like

Brand engagement and experience What does an occupier want from a building in the future?

Online to physical

Reinventing Retail

IT and Technology influencing how we shop

Much more!


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