Conference: Wednesday 28th June 2017
Macquarie, Ropemaker Street, London

Sessions include

The Hybrid Bank Branch Network of the Future

Jeremy Myerson, Director of the WORKTECH Academy
Dr Klaus Sandbiller, UniCredit

Advanced machine intelligence is allowing for a rise in chatbots and digital personal assistants, not only at home but also in the workplace. Learn how organisations and consumers are implementing this new tech to get more done, with simple tasks being completed more quickly and complex ones, more easily.

App Centric Workplace

Philip Ross, CEO & Founder, UnWork

Philip explores the new digital workplace. With apps everywhere, both in life and in work (there were over 100 billion apps download last year alone!), apps are transforming the way people work. We explore the opportunities and threats faced by FS organisations as they embrace this trend.

Data, Compliance & Chinese Walls - Expert Panel Discussion

Financial regulation mandates that institutions put up Chinese walls to safeguard against insider trading. This presents a challenge for financial organisations who are also looking to break down barriers to create flexible working spaces. Find out how organisations are tackling these issues in this expert panel discussion.

Is the FS Workplace Now the Battle Ground for the War on Talent?

Matthew Marson, Management Consultant, Accenture Digital

Financial organisations need to consider how much digital has disrupted its business and process. What has been done to keep the workplace up to speed? How can technology enable outcomes for employee health and productivity? How can spaces operate at a lower cost whilst delivering a space that inspires, attracts and retains talent? Find out what financial services organisation need to do to compete with large technology companies.

The Future Financial Workplace – Expert Discussion

In this interactive session, you will hear from experts in top financial services institutions who are driving innovation and creating dynamic and collaborative workplace in an age of disruption and technological advancements.

Innovation in Financial Services & Regulation

Philip Treleaven, Professor of Computing and Director of the Financial Computing Centre, University College London

Many institutions are reaching out to world-class universities and research councils to innovate. The UK Centre for Financial Computer is a collaboration of UCL, Imperial College and London School of Economics and the major financial institutions and commercial organisations. The UK Centre has over 80 PhD students and 300 associated Masters students working on finance and business analytics, and is unique in placing them in banks, funds and companies to develop advanced analytics and software. They are an excellent, low risk, innovation resource.

This presentation describes the work the UK Centre does with banks, funds, insurers and regulators and explores how financial institutions are building innovation ecosystems with students at the heart.

Rethinking the Trading Floor to Improve Wellbeing and Performance

Roberto Raffaeli, International Sales Manager, Erich Keller AG – Switzerland

Workplace design has undergone a dramatic evolution in recent years as progressive companies implement strategies that emphasize employee performance, well-being, and retention. But for a variety of reasons, the trading floor has remained largely exempt from change. As financial firms take note, opportunities exist to evolve trading floor design to better mitigate the inherent stress and volatility of the market.

UBS Relocation: 5 Broadgate

Ashley Davis, Managing Director, Group Technology Infrastructure, UBS

UBS has unified staff from all its arms – private banking, investment banking, asset management, and corporate centre – in one building at 5 Broadgate in London. Ashley will reflect on the relocation project giving practical insights to the new technology implemented, why and the impact this will have on work and the workforce.

The Power to Perform: Human Capital 2020 and Beyond

Chris Box, Partner, Financial Services HR Lead, PWC

Workforce demands are being transformed. By 2020, the bulk of routine transactional tasks will have been automated. Workforce make-up, how it’s recruited, organised and rewarded will look very different from today. In turn, the role and function of HR will have been overhauled. How can you ensure you have the human capital you need to succeed?


The Financial Work Executive Briefings will address industry focused trends in the financial workplace, covering aspects such as people, place, technology, innovation and strategy. The briefings cater to senior & executive property and workplaces professionals in the banking sector who are looking to learn about the future of the financial workplace and how they can drive innovation, productivity and efficiency in their organisation/business.

Financial Work provides a vehicle to build your business relationships with decision makers, develop senior contacts and enhance your credibility with key prospects by alignment with the event.

Please contact Nicole Barretto for more information on commercial partnerships.


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