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WorkTech 10 New York


TUESDAY 16th November

8.30am   Registration & refreshments

9.00am Opening remarks 

Chair: Jeremy Myerson, Director and Chair, Helen Hamlyn Centre
Host: John De lucy, Head of Estates, British Library

Poet   Matt Harvey

9.10am   Keynote

What colour is your hat? - Edward de Bono

Author (and originator of the concept) of ‘Lateral Thinking’, Six Thinking Hats, The Mechanism of the Mind and The Happiness Purpose Edward de Bono is one of the world’s most renowned management thinkers and authors.

9.50am  Keynote

Think! - Charles Leadbeater

Charles is an author and leading authority on innovation and creativity.  His latest book, We-think: the power of mass creativity, charts the rise of mass, participative approaches to innovation from science and open source software, to computer games and political campaigning. Charles will explore the concept of creative thinking…

10.30am      Coffee

10.50am The Hybrid Organisation

Microsoft explored the role and relevance of organisations in a future defined by economic uncertainty, changing workforce demographics, globalisation and rapid developments in social and business technologies. Microsoft brought together experts in the fields of social change, technology and organisational structure in the public and private sectors to build up a picture of a 'hybrid organisation' one that is flexible, nimble and encourages individuals with a variety of backgrounds and approaches to work together to ensure organisational success.

Microsoft believes that organisations should start to consider adapting their business models, infrastructure and culture to accommodate the next generation of employees, changing customer demands and emerging risks to ongoing operations. How do organisations start on the journey to becoming 'hybrid'?

Prof Michael Hulme, Director, Social Futures Observatory, Lancaster University will draw a parallel between the baby boomers and Generation Y or Digital Natives and examine the link between widespread cultural/social change, the growth of technology led communication media and question if this is inevitably leading to a decade or so of turbulence similar to the 60s-70s.

Dave Coplin, National Technology Officer, Microsoft will talk about how a new breed of ‘hybrid organisations’ that will emerge as the success stories of the 21st century. Those organisations failing to alter their behaviour in the short term will become constrained by their inability to respond to change, finding it difficult to recruit talent and lose longer-term market share as more agile organisations spot and exploit market opportunities.

Philip Ross, CEO of Unwork and Cordless Group, will look at the structure of work and the work/places for hybrid organizations, focusing on the idea of activity based working enabled by a range of new concepts, from permeated presence to unified communications and collaboration (UCC). He will look at the need to respond to external forces that will reshape how and where work is done.

11.40am Focus: The Future Professional Services Workplace

A number of the so-called ‘big four’ accountancy practices have embarked on a journey significant workplace change and innovation. We hear about :

KPMG: Project Gold - Alastair Young, Head of Property Europe
The move to 15 Canada Square, London. Alistair will share how they are delivering on a corporate property solution in challenging times; and discuss the need to engage with Workplace stakeholders at an early stage to benefit occupational cost and time.

PwC: More London - Paul Harrington Head of Property
Paul will outline how PwC are shaping a new vision for More London.

Ernst & Young: Cube - Ralf Osswald and Julia Duggan
Ralf and Julia will share their learning in the development of the CUBE – E&Y’s new innovative meeting space that uses leading interactive technology and supporting methodologies to deliver a unique and energising experience. By connecting people across accounts, service lines and sectors, the Cube enables collaboration and knowledge exchange with clients to understand their needs and issues and leverage Ernst & Young’s global experience and insight.

12.30pm CBRE - The future of the world of work

All the technical advances and developments of workplace strategies will not materially impact the way in which the real estate market supplies product. A bold, ignorant assumption or a prudent observation?  This session will debate the future of the world of work in the context of market trends and insight from our global network of advisors and client base. 

Lenny Beaudoin & Ben Munn, Leaders of Global Workplace Strategies at CB Richard Ellis.

1.00pm LUNCH

2.00pm Poet Matt Harvey

2.05pm Turning Point voting

New Demographics, New Workstyle audience feedback

People and Space

2.20pm Liveable Lives: addressing dysfunction in 21st century work

Ziona Strelitz, Founder Director, ZZA

‘Liveable lives’ alerts Human Resources and Corporate Real Estate professionals to the challenges employees face in managing their commitments – magnified when long commutes are involved. While (even gleaming!) centralized office ‘palaces’ might seem to cater for workers’ every need, they frequently frustrate sustainable living and working. Drawing from the wealth of confidential interviews through ZZA’s empirical workplace research, Ziona’s case-based predicaments highlight the many reasons why businesses and employees need work arenas other than home and the office – to meet the increasingly vocal agenda for sustainability, wellbeing and productivity.

2.40pm Case study: Activity-Space Research

Dr William Fawcett, Cambridge University Department of Architecture

As the focus of workspace management shifts from utilisation to interaction, we need new models to explain how space and behaviour can generate increasing opportunities for person-to-person contacts. William will present new research that quantifies the relationship between activities and the buildings they occupy, the amount and type of space that is used by given activities.

3.00pm Tomorrow’s People and Meaningful Consumption

In this talk Anne Lise Kjaer addresses the need for viewing your future employee as a dynamic part of your business growth by engaging and inspiring them. The empathic leader relates and connects with people for the purpose of empowering people’s lives. This is best done by engaging a wholebrain vision and offering an emotional stimulating environment. .

3.20pm Q&A: People vs Place & Space

3.40pm Tea and coffee

4.00pm Health & wellbeing in the workplace

Sally Gunnel OBE, Former Olymipic champion and international speaker

4.30pm Workplace in transition – a panel debate

Grant Baldwin, Division Director Business Services, Macquarie – Shelley Street one year on. Joined by other workplace professionals.

5.00pm Workplace in the Movies
Sir Christopher Frayling

Sir Christopher was Chairman of Arts Council England from 2005 until January 2010 and a trustee of the Victoria and Albert Museum. He was a governor of the British Film Institute in the 1980s and is passionate about film. Who better to take us on a journey to look at workplace in the movies….

5.40pm Chairman’s closing remarks

5.45pm CLOSE

Drinks Party