Day 2 15th November 2017
Here East, London

9:00 Welcome from Moderator

Jeremy Myerson, Director of WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor at Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

9:10 WORKTECH Poet, Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey, WORKTECH Poet in Residence


9:15 Seriously Fun; Novelty and Productivity at Work

Aaron Taylor Harvey, Director of Environments, Airbnb

The Airbnb Environments team has developed a lexicon of space making strategies that provides the kind of adventure and delight that at first glance resembles the maligned tech-office-as-adult playground that popular media portrays but on deeper engagement is revealed to be a highly functional work-focused environment.

10:00 How to combine productivity and fun at work, making use of the best ideas in your company?

Anna Linden, COO, Mobile Networks, Nokia

Nokia is seeking new smart ways of working to be efficient, innovative and attractive in the changing world. It all starts from our values and a strong company culture, and making a good use of digitalization. But how to make a lasting mark to the working culture in your company?

Nokia is working to engage those who know their work best, the employees, and to empower its different sites across the globe to build on their unique strengths. A growing number of “Nokians” are already part of these movements, contributing their ideas, making changes to their daily routines and shaping their own working environment. Many are already enjoying the results: significant time-savings and a more meaningful work experience.

10:15 The Workplace of the Future

Matthew Marson, UKI Lead of Connected Buildings, Accenture

Maximizing productivity and employee wellness is a complex challenge for organisations, and an increasingly important goal shared by clients and the modern workforce. Accenture’s Global Centre for Innovation (The Dock, Dublin) is a living lab, focused on making the building operate more efficiently whilst increasing the collaboration, productivity and health and wellbeing of our employees.

10:35 Coffee

11:15 The Power of your workplace

Alison Webb, Head of Workplace Europe, Lendlease
Jacqui Hill, Project Lead, Cancer Research UK

What’s the real power of connecting your people to purpose? By expanding the definition of workplace out to our neighbourhood and city, can you accomplish even more awesome things? Alison and Jacqui will take a look at these questions through the lens of both a business and a developer, and how a successful partnership delivers the best environment for employees.

11:35 The Digital Workplace of the Future

Carissa Kilgour, Workplace Director, Landsec

What is a digital workplace and how will it inform tomorrow’s physical workspace? As digital transformation becomes mainstream Carissa Kilgour discusses the different perspectives of the ‘digital workplace’ and explores how industries are responding. Landsec’s Workplace Director will then look ahead to the future of the workplace exploring how, in this digitised landscape, we need to strike the right balance with the analogue experience.

11:55 Slowly Slowly Then All At Once

Gerald Taylor, Creative Director, Orangebox

As we rush into an age of driverless cars run by algorithms and made by robots, an age where fast companies eat the slow, we see how change comes slowly, slowly, then all at once. (Think Uber, Airbnb, politics, the environment, and now… the office.) So, before these algorithms finally eat us, we find ourselves super-busy creating non-threatening, wellness-centered, biophillic, comfortable, agile, generational and homey workspaces... slowly, slowly, all at once. Gerard explores the ‘perfect storm’ driving the rapid changes at the center of new workplace design.

12:10 Panel Debate: Challenges of Change

Peter Jones, Partner, Change Management Strategic Consulting EMEA Global Occupier Services Cushman & Wakefield
Dereck Dziva, Workplace Performance Manager, CIMA
Jennifer Bryan, Director in Change and Leadership, ABChange Consultancy

Do organisations fully leverage Workplace change to engage their employees, enhance their brand, and improve business results? Peter will lead a lively discussion on trends, tragedies, transition and all things change related to the workplace and its design and operation. Our panellists will reveal the good, the bad and the ugly of their collective experience to examine how best to leverage the opportunity of workplace change.

12:40 Metrics in the Office; What’s beyond ‘Occupancy’?

Charles Sanders, Director, TWO a Bisley company

The modern workplace requires rolling change and improvement, to look good, be effective, to increase ‘Wellness’ or to reduce costs and increase profit. Apparently. We change, but do we improve? How can we tell? Technology is beginning to enable some degree of measurement, but what are we measuring, how do we do it, does it deliver or is it just a waste of time and money?

12:45 Transitioning to the future of work and the workplace. Embracing digital culture, tools, and approaches

Graham Mackay, Managing Partner, Generation Digital

Workplace by Facebook asked C-suite executives for their perspectives on the future of work. Their responses reveal six themes about the future workplace—and six lessons to help leaders ease the transition.

12:50 Lunch

13:50 WORKTECH Poet

14:25 A new approach to evidence-led workplace design

Steffan Wiliams, Director, Scott Brownrigg

Scott Brownrigg’s Design Strategy Unit analyses the functional and emotional demands of an organisation’s working environment. Using a new approach to engage with employees alongside data driven observational methods, Design Strategy Unit enables business leaders to make informed decisions to align their workplace with their business objectives.

14:45 Spirituality in the Workplace: Channelling Virtues of the Past to Create a Brighter Future

Kelly Robinson, Designer, HeadSpace

Kelly will share about how ancient practices such as yoga, meditation, and hyper-local food production are emerging in the workplace, and why now is a more important time than ever to embrace them.

15:05 Networking drinks

15:35 Expert panel: future of work – people, space and culture

Sally Augustin, Principal, Design with Science
Cal Lee, Founder and Head of Workthere
David Kosky, Co-founder of Work.life,
Jeremy Bates, Head of Transactional Services at Savills,
Barra Mac Ruairi, COO at YTL Developments

In recent years there has been a considerable shift from the office market being dominated with traditional corporate offices to the rise of more diverse and flexible spaces - but what does the future of the office look like? Will it be a co-working space, traditional office, at home, at a coffee shop or at a hotel?

Join Cal Lee and this expert panel as they discuss the Future of Work, what it holds and the impacts on people, space and culture.

16:00 Closing Keynote: The Stupidity Paradox: The Power and Pitfalls of Functional Stupidity at Work

Andre Spicer, Author and Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Cass Business School

Andre explores what makes a workplace mindless, why being stupid might be a good thing in the short term but a disaster in the longer term, and how to make the workplace a little less stupid by challenging thoughtless conformity.

16:35 Closing remarks

16:40 Conference closes

16:40 WORKTECH Closing drinks


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