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Conference: 26th September 2017
Address Boulevard, Dubai, UAE

The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our global speakers will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.

Sessions include:

The Self-Learning Workplace

Ulrich Blum, Associate, Zaha Hadid Architects

Uli explores how analysis of data and the sensing of movement and behaviour can bring a new precision to workplace design. He will share why ‘data is the oil of the 21st century’ with Zaha Hadid Architects' Case Studies in China including the Soho Galaxy commercial tower in Beijing and the Infinitus Ground Scraper. Uli describes the key factors in workplace design as visibility, light penetration and communication potential. He will also present an Atrium Tower concept that enables people to see the whole organisation.

Working Beautifully

Primo Orpilla, Co-Founder and Principal, Studio O+A

We will examine the future of living and working in world cities. Primo is one of the world's most innovative designers. Based in San Francisco he has created some of the most cutting edge workplaces in Silicon Valley and beyond. His work for Microsoft, Evernote, Facebook, AOL, Yelp, Levi Strauss and many others has pushed the boundaries and introduced a range of new ideas and concepts. Primo will share the latest trends and ideas from the USA and understand where workplace is heading…. He will talk about the invisibility of workplace and how the lines between work and life balance are becoming so blurred that one does not know where it begins and ends any more. We tend to work anytime anywhere it is convenient. Because of that and the fact that the workforce is getting younger, a new type of work environment is emerging.

The race towards smartest workforce: artificial intelligence, blockchain and robots

Aiham Al-Akhras, Director at Gartner

Aiham discusses emerging hot topics in the region such as the development of smart workforces, artificial intelligence, blockchain and robots.

Promoting activity in the workplace

Tim Garrett, Owner, Healthy 4 U & Corporate Wellness Dubai

His talk highlight s the serious issues caused by poor posture and non - activity at work that can lead to digestion problems, health issues and not just back problems that everyone thinks about when you mention poor posture. Wellness is becoming huge, so it' s not just about the design of the office.

The App Centric Workplace

Philip Ross, CEO and Founder, UnWork

Philip will show new workplace Apps that are emerging around the world to change the user experience (UX) and enable innovation in the workplace. As well as allowing interaction with connected real estate, these Apps are pushing the idea of a physical social network within the workplace as well as a new way of providing location-aware experiences inside space. He will review the key enablers such as smart building infrastructure and show case studies such as Boston Consulting Group that implemented an advanced workplace App as part of their move to Hudson Yards.

Building a better tomorrow by creating healthier workplaces

Richard Stratton, Partner and Managing Director, Middle East, Cundall
Mustafa Elfeky, Project Manager, Oracle
Tony Owens, Technical Director, Cundall Hala Yousef, Senior ESD Consultant at Cundall

Creating healthier more productive Workplaces with opportunities to discuss managing change, human comfort, technologies / desk technologies, lighting etc.

Biophilic Working Environments: Enhancing Productivity and Human Well - Being in the Workplace

Carla M Arias, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Canadian University Dubai

Before the industrial revolution humans spent most of their waking hours on the fields tilling the earth in close contact with nature. Today, we spend one third of our lives working within the confines of walled environments in close contact with technology separate from nature. Carla will demonstrate methods of integrating connections to nature and place and discuss how contact with nature through Biophilic Patterns may enhance human health and well being, work performance, and increase business profits.

Wellness & Implications for Future of Work in the Middle East

Yullianna Porter, Associate Director, AAID
Tony Owens, Technical Director, Cundall
Hala Yousef, Senior ESD Consultant at Cundall
David Clements, Managing Director, Future Designs
Mustafa Elfeky, Project Manager, Oracle
Carla M Arias, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Canadian University Dubai

How is the workplace evolving to create healthier environments? We explore how new organisations are adapting to new wellbeing trends.

Evolutionary Ergonomics

Jim Taylour, Head of Wellbeing and Design, Orangebox

The Orangebox philosophy of Wireless Well Working has gained worldwide traction and contributed to the subject of workplace wellness which now takes centre stage in most company transformation discussions. Jim will discuss Evolutionary Ergonomics and explore naturally influenced wellness principles, biophilia, inclusivity and our responsiveness and ability to change to help determine more affective spaces to support life at work.

The CoreNet Expert Panel: Th e Occupiers Perspective

Maryanne Iles, Portfolio Manager at Shell
Scott Barras, Regional Head of Property, Standard Chartered
Meg Forbes, Business Leader, MEA, Mastercard
Nora Adel Metawia, Workplace Manager – MENA, Italy, Spain

Changing corporate working patterns that are driving workplace property demands and impacting property choices


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