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Conference: 4th July 2017
EUREF-Campus, Berlin, Germany

The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our global speakers will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.

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Sessions include:

Future European Workplace

Ulrich Blum, Associate, Zaha Hadid Architects

Given the award-wining work by Zaha Hadid Architects, Ulrich comments on the future of office buildings and how they are developing in the European and global context, and what the opportunities and barriers are. Ulrich will showcase their latest workplace projects and some samples of the computational workplace tools ZHA is currently developing.

The Hybrid Bank Branch Network of the Future

Dr Klaus Sandbiller, Head of Real Estate Global Projects, UniCredit
Jeremy Myerson, Director, The WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor, Royal College of Art

As digital technology disrupts financial services globally, how should banks go about planning the next generation of bank branches? In the age of online banking, what are the new hybrid strategies that will draw customers in and optimise the property portfolio? Jeremy and Klaus share a study was conducted by the Academy, UniCredit and the Royal College of Art in London and Milan.

Agile ≠ Agile

Andrea Egert, Senior Strategist, Calder Consultants

First tech firms, now corporates, the agile movement is taking over and with it come different space requirements to what many still call an “agile workspace.

Senseable Cities

Marco Maria Pedrazzo, Senior Associate, Carlo Ratti Associati

The increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment. The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed - alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure. The contribution from Marco Maria Pedrazzo will address these issues from a critical point of view through projects by Carlo Ratti Associati and its ecosystem, including the Senseable City Laboratory, a research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Smart Building Ecosystem

Sander Schutte, CEO, Mapiq

Smart buildings have become the norm and we can ask more from them than ever before. How do you create this new world promising comfort and innovation? It all starts with creating a tight knit eco-system of trusted partners willing to work together towards a better future.

Open Berlin – Sensor in the Future of Workplace

André Diener, Innovation Center openBerlin


Your new co-worker is AI

Mitko Vasilev, Founder at Stealth Mode Startup

Time is ripe for artificial intelligence to move in the modern workplace. We will discuss the required changes in architecture and design in order to accommodate the hardware and software needed for going true digital.  We will overview how Internet of things, machine vision and deep learning can be integrated in a solution that will become the world's biggest workplace.

Creating a better workspace with big data technology

Thomas Kessler, CEO and Founder, Locatee Analytics

Locatee Analytics is the smart building platform enabling companies to create the future of office buildings. The solution augments the physical workspace with real-time data to create smart and occupant-oriented office buildings.

Disruption is Here: Flexible Workspace Breaks the Mold

Ben Munn, Managing Director, Solution Development & Consulting, Instant Group

With the growth of co-working and flexible office space, occupiers are questioning the conventional Real Estate model. Instant, the global flexible workspace specialist, examines the seismic market forces shifting the way workplace is being planned, delivered, consumed and managed. The disruption that has been forecast finally seems to be happening, and fast. Instant uses its exclusive, proprietary data to show what is driving this demand.

Building a culture of movement in the workplace

Peter Reigo, MD and Founder, Flowscape

Search time in modern offices is going through the roof as we move into more complex office solutions with more mobile colleagues. With Flowscape’s IT solution in your hand you hover feet above the ground and gain a better perspective of your workplace.

Case Studies: New concepts in Flexible Workspaces

Julianne Becker, Co-Founder & CEO Coconat
Katja Thiede, Co-Founder, juggleHUB Coworking

Coconat - a workation retreat. Space for anyone to be inspired, concentrate, work, and play in the countryside!

Workplace evolution

Stefan Kiss, senior workplace strategist, Haworth
Benjamin Blanck,Product Line Manager Technology Europe, Haworth

Stefan and Benjamin will share their views on workplace evolution and how technology has changed the way we work for the past 15 years.

Health & Wellbeing: the new trend in workplace design

Francesca Galeazzi, Associate at Arup, WELL AP

Francesca will present an overview of the growing trend of Health & Wellbeing in workplace design in Europe and will introduce the WELL Building Standard, focusing on its specific implementation and market adoption in Europe.

Panel debate: The People Perspective

Dr Sandra Breuer, Partner, Combine Consulting

If you want to change your people start with the building. Not only the organizational system but also the structural environment determines the way people behave and feel. Beyond “form follows function”, how does the narrative, the fiction of an organization change the demands working environment? How do people in organizations cope with disruption and increasing digitalization in their environment? In an interdisciplinary panel we will discuss what happens with people and organizations when their structural surroundings undergo disruptive changes.

How Technology Shapes Us

Fiona Kerr, Industry Professor, Systems and Neural Complexity, University of Adelaide

Fiona examines the impacts of technologization on our working lives, and how it can either enable or block such things as connectivity, communication, productivity, creativity and deep thinking depending on how it is designed and used. So how do we best leverage human-digital

openBerlin – Sensor in the Future of Workplace

André Diener, Technical Leader Innovation Center, openBerlin Cisco

André will share latest innovative ideas and technologies that will improve business outcomes by making the most of smart data and digitization. As an innovation center and workplace for customers, partners, startups, universities and open developer communities, discover how they are shaping the future of work.

A day in the Smart Office

Marco Plätzer, Regional Sales Manager, Central Europe, Condeco

For businesses today, growth at scale depends on total management of the workplace environment. Increasing productivity, interacting more efficiently, means streamlining operations. Condeco connected meeting room & desk booking software works together with elegant touch screens, to provide a truly unique solution.

Succeed in changing to activity based workplace

Peter Reigo, CEO and Founder, Flowscape

The change to an agile and flexible workspace is a challenge for any organisation. How can technology help you lead the change and realise savings, and increase employee satisfaction.

Case Studies: New concepts in Flexible Workspaces

Julianne Becker, Co-Founder & CEO Coconat
Katja Thiede, Co-Founder, juggleHUB Coworking

If flexibility is new, then we are the future.

New approaches to flexibility: CHILDCARE – WORKATION – COLIVING.

Presentation of case studies from Coconat and JuggleHub.


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