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Day 2
Level39 Technology Accelerator, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf

09:00 Welcome from Moderator

Jeremy Myerson, Director of WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor at Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

09:05 Poetry

Matt Harvey, WORKTECH Poet in Residence

The Future of Living and Working in World Cities

09:10 Form Follows Future – Design; the legacy of thought

Sebastian Conran, CEO, Sebastian Conran Associates

In an age of rapid change with robotics and artificial intelligence fast emerging, leading industrial designer Sebastian Conran explores how to bring form, meaning and imagination to our intangible interactions with new technology.


09:45 In Conversation: People, Place and the Future of London

Richard Rogers, Partner and Founder, Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners

Richard will look at the future of living and working in world cities with a focus on 'People and Place' in relation to the future of London.

10.15 Hangout

10.25 COFFEE

Smart Space & Big Data

10.55 The Future Connected World: What does 5G mean for buildings

Rahim Tafazolli, Director of the 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey

Digital is a transformative power for the next 30 years. From water networks, transport etc everything will be connected. People, roads etc IoT and 5th Generation of connectivity, robots carrying out mundane tasks and people will spend more time of creative pursuits. Intelligent cars, no raod signs... Future will transmit, touch, taste and smell with diffi culty to distinguish the real from the cyber world. Teleportation.

11.20 Digital Buildings

John McConnell, Digital Business Transformation for EMEA, Cisco

Connected products, smart automation and digital innovation lead the way in the future of efficient and sustainable buildings.

11.40 Big Data in Buildings

David Harry, Vice President UK Change Manager, Deutsche Bank
Michael Gresty, CEO, Rifiniti, Schneider
Trevor Alldridge, Head of Workplace, JLL
Stephen Wreford, Head of Thinking Buildings, Cordless Consultants
Chaired by Owen King, Consultant UNWORK

Round table discussion on Occupancy and Utilisation data, the issues in obtaining accurate occupancy data and plans on how to use it for effi cient space planning.

12:10 Digital Disruption in the Workplace

Neil McLocklin, Partner, Head of Strategic Consulting, Cushman & Wakefield

Business strategy and transformation – ensuring the real estate strategy not only aligns to the business strategy, but plays its part in developing and embedding it. Mergers and acquisitions – enhancing the benefi ts and speed of integration. New ways of working and workplace strategy – enhancing the eff ectiveness of the organisation through improved communication or collaboration as well as the utilisation of space.

12.30 Optimizing Space For New Ways of Working & Improved Efficiency Using Data Driven Workplace Design

Ian Morley, CEO, Serraview

Thanks to advancements in technological capabilities, organizations have a newfound abundance of data that can improve how real estate space is utilized. Through the use of space planning software, you will be empowered with the information you need to jump start your new workplace strategy.

12:35 Art in the workplace

Patrick McCrae, Managing Director at ARTIQ

Art in the workplace – merely an aesthetic choice or an opportunity for greater design participation, increased workplace pride and expression of collective culture?

12.40 LUNCH

Future of Workplace

13.40 In Conversation: ‘Campus’ / ‘Panel Debate: The Office Agenda’

Jean Kerr, EMEAR Leadership and Team Intelligence Cisco
Todd Budgen, UK Real Estate Director, AON
Chaired by Senior Representative of British Land

Panel debate with senior professionals from HR and CRE.

14.00 KPMG - The club. The place for inspiring business. The space where professional meets personal

Erol Aziz, Head of Space Management, KPMG

Erol shares what this space means for KPMG (its Purpose) and how it can be viewed in both practical and philosophical terms. The practical (meetings, public/private, touch-down, power, food, coffee, wifi etc) and the philosophical (a catalyst / living engine for leading change in the way business is done and wider thought leadership across the board.) It holds a place in KPMG’s spiritual and cultural heart and is summarized as ‘Inspiring Change. Where professional meets personal in an environment that is inspirational’.

14.20 Evolving Workplace

David Howorth, Regional Director UKMEA, Condeco

In a decade businesses have changed where and how they operate impacting property strategy and in turn, workplace and facilities. The organisation is no longer place to work but a place to meet and collaborate. Buildings are not fixed assets but recruitment assets and physical manifestations of a business' culture. What does your building say about you? Is it creating very best environment to attract and retain talent and for them to be the most productive engaged team they can be.

14.35 WPP Global Hubs + Sea Containers

Colin Macgadie, Creative Director, BDG Architecture and Design
Max Holliday, Head of Real Estate EMEA, WPP

14.55 The New FM

Indy Johar, Co-Founder, Project 00

Indy explores the rebirth of a "new FM" focused on the organisational outcomes of the client - stable teams, equitable communication, distributed agency, reduced management overhead (as opposed to merely the reduction of energy usage). He shares how utilizing experience with impact hubs, along with many other such environments, to provide this "alternative FM" service to clients working with a number of partners including Guys & St Thomas Hospital amongst others to deliver this service.

15.20 COFFEE

15.45 Panel: Future of Co-working and Flexible Workspace

John Williams Head of Marketing, Instant Group
Kerstin Sailer, Reader in Social and Spatial Networks, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London
Zachary Douglas, Owner, Orega
Charles Butler, CEO Market Tech Holdings, WeWork Representative

Co-working is acting as a force of disruption in the office market. It is challenging the long-formed conventions of the real estate market – altering the way we work, how space is procured and altering the DNA of the workforce. As the world’s leading authority on flexible workspace with more than 15 years of data, Instant will assess how the current trajectory of co-working is set to alter the take up of space, worker productivity and the genesis of new ideas via collaboration. The session will be hosted with leading designers and data specialists in the field of worker engagement and leading academics in the field of staff productivity.


16.10 Architecture and Design that Changes Your Brain. (Helping you glimpse tomorrow.)

Rosalyn Dexter, Author of Design is a Mind-Field

With opiate triggers lining our visual pathway, curves inhibiting the adrenals and blue lowering our temperature, we can use our environment to play with our imagination and senses in strategic ways. Rosalyn will take us on a surreal journey and off er an intriguing glimpse into the future of architecture and design.

16.30 The power of workplace – people, purpose and performance

Duncan Young, Head of Workplace Health and Wellbeing, Lendlease

We spend a third of our lives at work. That time alone highlights the impact the place we work can have on our lives. Showcasing International Quarter London, Duncan Young will discuss the power of the workplace to engage employees and clients, how to integrate health and wellbeing and take a look into intervention strategies, based on evidence and outcomes from world-leading research

16.50 In Conversation: The Future Workplace

Tom Savigar, Chief Growth Officer, The Future Laboratory

Tom will examine dramatic shifts in workplace from multiple perspectives such as design, wellness, technology and equality. And as business and leisure become increasingly indistinguishable, will explore the shift from Big Brother-style monitoring in the workplace to a hospitality and wellness model.




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