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Day 1: 9th November 2016
Level39 Technology Accelerator, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf


12.45 Registration

13.00 Conference opens - Welcome from chair

Despina Katsikakis, Consultant

Despina is a thought leader on the impact of the built environment on people and business performance and advises corporates occupiers, real estate developers and investment funds.

13.05 The App Centric Workplace

Philip Ross, Founder and CEO at UNWORK

Philip explores the new digital workplace. With apps everywhere, both in life and in work, (there were over 100 billion app downloads last year alone!), apps are transforming business and the way people work. We explore the opportunities and threats faced by organisations as they embrace this key trend.

13.25 Learnings from the Edge

Martin Laws, Partner at Deloitte
Dave Sie, Strategy Consultant at Deloitte

The greenest, most connected office building in the world. It knows where you live, what car you drive, how much sugar you take in your coffee. Hear the story of The Edge the ultimate smartest office – home to Deloitte in Amsterdam.

13.45 Smart buildings and connected lighting – the perfect partnership?

Derek Wright, Global Head of Office lighting systems at Philips Lighting

IoT, IP Convergence, SMART - whatever the terminology, next gen buildings are now a reality. With a range of IP enabled applications available, the challenge for business is understanding how best to design and implement the right solution. Philips will share their view on ‘Smart buildings and digitization: how IoT & lighting are delivering additional value for end users and clients’ with value beyond illumination through connected lighting

14.05 Effective Working

Sander Schutte, CEO at Mapiq

Mapiq is the technical solution that empowers employers to work smarter and use the modern office more eff ectively. This application shows everything you want to know about your workplace in an intelligent 3D map.

14.15 Infrastructure and the Intelligent buildings – Q&A

Paul Cook, Head of Technology at ISG Technology Solutions

Lee Funnell, Technical Manager EMEA from Siemon

Smart, intelligent, converged - whatever the terminology, next generation buildings are now possible. With an increasing number of IP applications running over data networks how is this possible and what benefits do they deliver? Paul and Lee will explore what’s wrong with smart buildings that make up the mass market at the moment, the difference between interfaced and integrated and how a different approach changes the building that is delivered

14.35 Security – The Edge

James McNab, Director, Cyber Security Cisco Systems

As technology and business environments continue their rapid evolution, surging rates of digitisation are enabling the agile and innovative to disrupt entire industries. Digital disruption creates a security dynamic that must be managed effectively. This session will discuss how we must embrace security as a source of competitive advantage, allowing us to innovate with speed and confidence. To be a true enabler, security must be pervasive, focused not just on the edge of the network, but everywhere, across the extended network and within the mindset of the workforce.

14.55 Target 2020: Go beyond sustainability to human sustainability

Wouter Oosting, Senior Director, Workplace Strategies and Design, CBRE

Imagine the office in 2020: How will our personal desire to live healthier lives transform the world of work and how will a healthy life look like 10 years from now? What are the opportunities for Real Estate in this era of big data and DIY health and can workplace strategy drive value within the business by moving beyond sustainability to human sustainability? Wouter will share a recent, unique research project shows the benefi ts to business when focusing on human sustainability.

15.15 Refreshments

15.50 Why It’s Time to Rethink the Workplace

Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA, Oblong Industries Inc

Millennials outnumber all other cohorts in the workforce today, according to Wainhouse Research. This “app generation” needs the right tools for true teamwork and global visual collaboration to maximize productivity, innovation and engagement. Mary will highlight the importance of meeting the needs of today’s workers who are increasingly mobile (and BYOD) in a business environment that is increasingly complex.

16.10 Why every company needs to be a tech

Nick Stedman, VP Marketing, Spacestor

Nick will explore how technology is disrupting the way people interact and the impact this has on every business. The importance of attracting top talent to adapt and survive and the challenges faced to retain this scarce resource.

16.25 Successful Activity Based Working required new IT tools

Peter Reigo, CEO/Founder, Flowscape

To change an organization’s behavior from traditional ways of working to fully implemented activity based working is a huge challenge. Flowscape will explain how their IT system has helped the tele operator Telia Company to move 4000 people into their new head office with ABW.

16.45 Building a culture of movement in the workplace

Paul Nuki, Co-Founder and CEO at Step Jockey

Paul details the data around sedentary behaviour and explores tricks from the world of behavioural economics and digital 'gamification' that get even the most reluctant employees moving. The reward is not just a healthier workforce but a better engaged, more productive and resilient one.

17.00 Visualise the Future IKEA Workplace

George Muir, Futurist, IKEA

George will explore the change in the way we work, the readiness of a digitalised business and also the way that he drives the humanistic approach in the workplace - in the contexts of the IKEA people strategy.

17.10 Creating Future Professional Services / Digital Workspaces

Chaired and curated by Leeson Medhurst, Head of Workplace Consultancy, Fourfront Group
Beverley Hampshire, Head of Barclays Workplace, Barclays Corporate Real Estate Solutions
Andrew O'Donnell, Head of Real Estate - UK & Ireland at EY
Tom Carroll, Director EMEA and UK, corporate research at JLL
George Muir, Futurist, IKEA
Martin Laws, Partner at Deloitte



17.55 Conference closes

18.10 VIP Dinner


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