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Conference: 6th July 2016
Factory Berlin, Germany

The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our global speakers will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.


09:00 Welcome from Moderator

Jeremy Myerson, Director of WORKTECH Academy & Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

09:10 Welcome to the Factory

Niclas Rohrwacher, CRO at Factory Berlin

Factory Berlin is a community of innovators encouraging corporations to transform and digitalize their business by pairing them with start-ups. Factory brings best-in-class global technology businesses together with young talents and startups like SoundCloud, Uber and Twitter. A variety of programs and benefits like a members-club, work and eventspace, partnerships, education and collaborations bring together new and old economy for the mutual benefit of both.


2 keynotes providing contemporary design perspectives on the office. One from one of the godfathers of European practice, the pioneering Quickborner team, and the other from the exciting new house of Australian design which is leading the world.

09:20 Transformation Down Under

James Grose, CEO, BVN

A case study of three projects for ASB Bank in Auckland New Zealand, spanning 2000 to the present tracing the evolution of contemporary workplacing.

10:00 The Godfathers of Burolandschaft: The shape of offices today

Dieter Jäger, Former Managing Partner of Quickborner
Dr Sandra Breuer, Combine Consulting

What does Burolandschaft and open office design mean in the 21st Century? The pioneers behind the open plan concept, Quickborner, join us to explore the shape of offices today.

10:30 The IDEA WALL

Didi Lenz, Head of Innovation & Design, BENE

Introducing the IDEA WALL and a new way of working.

10.35 COFFEE


11.05 The Rise of the Flexible Workspace

John Williams, As the leading flexible workspace specialist, Instant will be using our proprietary data to explore this growing market and the trends driving it – from the rise of co-working and the contingent workforce to the increased uptake of flexible workspace by large corporates as well as SMEs.

11:25 Where next for co-work?

Chaired by: Allan Chester, CEO & Co-founder any2any GmbH
Juliette Morgan, Partner, Global Tech Group / Head of Futures Group Cushman & Wakefield
Niclas Rohrwacher, CRO at Factory Berlin
Ashley Couch, Global Director of Interior Design, WeWork
Gregor Gebhardt, Owner, Friends Factory
Martijn Roordink, Co Founder and Managing Director, SPACES

12:05 Smart Working goes Mainstream performance

Markus Albers, co-founder NEUWORK and CEO Rethink GmbH
Detlev Artelt, co-founder NEUWORK and CEO aixvox GmbH

12:35 LUNCH

13:35 Welcome back

Allan Chester, CEO & Co-founder any2any GmbH


13:40 Reshaping Cities and Buildings

Sarah Campbell, Creative Director, SenseLab

Award winning products enhance interaction between people, things and the environment. At SenseLab they believe the building itself is the interface to facilitate change, but only if designed to be engaging and rewarding for people

14:00 The Edge WORK+PLACE

Paul Meulenberg and Martin Laws Real Estate partners, Deloitte

The greenest, most intelligent building in the world. It knows where you live, what car you drive, how much sugar you take in your coffee. Hear the story of the edge the ultimate smartest office space.

14:40 COFFEE


15:00 Head Space: Shifting Workplace Thinking

Kelly Robinson, Workplace Designer for SoundCloud, Airbnb, & Headspace

Fresh thinking from Los Angeles. Healthier, happier workforce with offices designed around them.

15:20 “GARAGE SPIRIT” The next big thing is starting small. Corporate garages will foster the next invention

Raphael Gielgen, Head Research & Trendscouting I Segment Office, Vitra

Raphael shares a vision for how we work shifting a way from efficiency to individual talent, creativity and continuous innovation. 21st century corporate workspaces are highly flexible, optimized environments where hackers, makers, coworkers and developers thrive. The corporate community will transform to an interdisciplinary team of innovators and learners. The space will be a semi public and transparent area embedded inside the existing workspace. It will awaken old behaviour and expand new behaviour adopting tolerance for failure, encouraging risk taking and co creation and much, much more.

15:40 Workplace wellbeing: can greater design participation provide a cure?

Jeremy Myerson, WORKTECH Academy / Royal College of Art
Philip Tidd, Head of Workplace Consulting, Gensler

Jeremy and Philip will be giving an exclusive preview of their new ‘Workplace & Wellbeing’ research which shows how giving employees more control over the design of their workplace makes a positive contribution to their wellbeing.




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