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The Future of Work and the Workplace
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The Dow Chemical Company










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Conference: Thursday 7th May 2015
The Dow Chemical Company, Diamond Tower, Rochavera


9.00 Opening Remarks


WISE – Workplace Integration and Sustainable Environment

9.05 Welcome from The Host

Milena Morales

WISE was part of a larger strategy and design philosophy developed by Dow in Brazil that was shifted globally to the company. The collaboration and virtualization of the workspace are key ways to accelerate innovation and improve the top line, while also optimizing costs, helping our businesses with their bottom line. Also, WISE covered what Dow stands for: transparency, efficiency, people, and productivity.

Global trends in Workplace – Learning from the Innovators

Leading thinkers share their ideas for innovative, motivating and creative workplaces

09.15 Workplace Evolved – What are Technology firms doing in Silicon Valley

Primo Orpilla, Founder O+A

One of the world's most innovative designers, from San Francisco where he created some of the most cutting edge workplaces work for Microsoft, Evernote, Facebook, AOL, Yelp, Levi Strauss and many others will discuss the new definition of "well-designed". Now more than ever, a well designed environment is an essential tool for attracting and retaining talent and for helping talent achieve its potential. But the definition of ‘well designed’ is changing. The more we learn about how people innovate and work, the more we realize that ideal workplaces must be natural, versatile and adaptable to every need.

09.55 The Case for Place – Award winning International Case Study for ASB Bank in Auckland

James Grose, National Director, BVN Donovan Hill

Australia is now one of the most prolific markets for award winning workplace innovation. It’s leading architect, James Grose, CEO of BVN, internationally acclaimed architecture practice will showcase the latest thinking for innovative, motivating and creative workspaces including ASB Bank in New Zealand.

10.45 What can Brazil learn from the world’s leading thinkers in Workplace.

Panel Debate

11.15 COFFEE


What work will look like in 2030… what makes a successful workplace… space, people, structure

11.45 Change from the inside

Alexandre Teixeira, journalist and author

Alexandre will talk about the transformation of working environments. He will discuss how individual employees can be agents of change.

12.15 How changing structures change peoples attitudes

Alexandre Pellaes, Organizational Transformer and Agent for Change

In the future workplace, everyone is a leader. Work will thrive in teams, not dictators because young employees don’t think too highly of hierarchy or ranking rules. They believe that anyone can be an "intrapreneur" and can have influence and control through their work.

12.45 The Transformers

Eduardo Migliano, Founder 99jobs
Cláudio Emanuel de Menezes, Sócio-Fundador e Presidente da Disoft Solutions
Alexandre Teixeira, journalist and author

Panel Debate

13.15 LUNCH


How workplaces will increasingly need to be to motivate, interact with and engage its people.

14.15 3D Branding – the design space and its contribution to the construction of the corporate brand

Maurício Arruda, Founding partner and Creative Director
Fábio Mota, Founding partner and Executive Director

The workspace project should be able to build a space relationship with your user and at the same time, enhance the corporate identity. This requires rethinking the projecting act by developing a design methodology for making the three-dimensional realization of the attributes of the corporate brand.

14.40 Google’s vision for a successful workplace

Amalia Franke, Regional Facilities Manager Latin America, Google

With about a billion search requests processed per day, Google’s bid to ‘organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’ is ever-becoming a reality. But what is just as remarkable as the bold business ambition is the expectations on what Google demands of its workspaces. Amalia shares the thinking behind one of the world’s most enviable workplaces.

15.10 Panel Debate - What companies can learn from the TMT sector…

Amalia Franke, Google
and others to be confirmed

Many companies in the TMT (Technology, Media, Telecoms) sector are quickly rising from start-up to global household brands developing innovations that shape the way we live and work. As a result, much attention has been given to the approach the sector has taken to the workplace.

New research from the UK reveals that employees within TMT organisations see a minimal distinction between their work and personal life, and as a result larger TMT organisations demand at least 50% of their floor space be dedicated to areas where employees can socialise and work collaboratively.

Plus with the digitalisation of work, consumerisation of IT and with nearly 80% of employees already using their personal devices at work, organisations are increasingly less concerned with providing dedicated desk space and rather being flexible to accommodate new technology.

This panel debate explores the latest thinking on workplace within the TMT sectors.

15.35 COFFEE


Place, Technology and Conscious innovation

16.00 Place from the Real Estate Perspective

Milton Jungman, Accenture
Douglas Munro, Managing Director of Hines Brasil
and others to be confirmed

The Future of Real Estate in Brazil with local experts

16.25 Sustainable Real Estate

Speakers TBC





16.55 Conscious Innovation

Marcel Fukayama, CEO CDI Global and social entrepreneur change maker

Prediction. Doing the right thing is central not a sideline for business. In the Future Companies will increasingly need to act with a conscience. Employees will demand it. A movement for good will be great for business. Moving away from metrics for metrics’ sake and ‘best practices’ towards a more innovative, bigger-picture model of social entrepreneurship

17.25 Closing Remarks



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