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Microsoft: Envisioning the Future

Harald Becker
Sr. Design Strategist, Microsoft Envisioning

Harald joins us from Seattle to outline Microsoft’s latest thinking on the new ways of working together that will foster creative collaboration and advance innovation. As organisations and teams become more diverse, distributed and global, and projects faster paced and more fluid, people need better ways of working together across distances and time. The Office Envisioning Team is currently prototyping number of new, collaborative workstyles that bring people together in ways that enhance innovation and creativity.
Microsoft Envisioning


It's All About the Vibe

Kelly Robinson, Expert in Future of Workplace Design
Tech companies are engaging in fierce competition for top engineering talent, which makes the office environment a key player in building and maintaining a world class organization. Kelly sheds light on the vital components for creating, sustaining, and managing a remarkable office vibe that will attract and retain the world's most remarkable people.


Jelly Bean Working

Philip Ross, CEO, UNGROUP
Philip will examine the way we work, whether we are engaged and energised in the office or sometimes feel that days are dominated by process and technology. Reimagining business is about waking up to a new environment, based on collaborative and flexible working, on technology that, used correctly, liberates rather than constrains. The future of work must be based on being open, on focusing on results, not process and on empowerment, not hierarchy.

Connecting Vertical Communities – the power of the 'club lounge’

With technology enabling our cities as places of 'distributed working', we move with ease from building to building, café to airport. How do we create and retain ‘community’ within these rising concrete jungles? The idea of the vertical community is not a new one, but it is one that now increasingly we must seed and grow between developers, designers, and end users alike. When the formula is right, vertical communities can help organisations variabilise cost, encourage collaboration within and between member organisations, better activate the urban ground plane, and provide a curated and catered space that can be organically adapted to any ‘member’ needs.

Co-Creation – the new paradigm for aligning workplace with business objectives

In an industry that aspires to create places and spaces that encourage innovation and creative thinking, why do we continually find ourselves bound by a linear process akin to a production line? What would it take to break-free from this process, and if we could what would the result be? This presentation points to the value of true ‘Co-creation’ in creating places for people to do their best work. We compare the downfalls of the traditional ‘linear’ process and highlight benefits in bringing together all key stakeholders and service providers at the outset of a project to optimise the outcome and achieve employee engagement objectives.



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