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WORKTECH 14 Sao Paulo

Draft Conference Programme

8th May, The Dow Chemical Company, Diamond Tower, São Paulo

WORKTECH 13 SaoPaulo

8:45 Registration

9:15 Chairman’s opening remarks - Alexandre Teixeira

Theme: SPACE

9:20 Engineering Serendipity

Greg Lindsay, Writer for Fast Company, Author of Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next

Greg will share techniques for how cities, companies and individuals alike can learn faster via engineering serendipity.Innovation is fundamentally social. Case study after study has shown that the best ideas are more likely to arise from a casual chat around the water cooler than any scheduled meeting. They are the result of serendipity - a chance encounter at the right time by the right people, regardless of their rank, affiliation, and department or whether they even work for the same company. Journalist Greg Lindsay will share techniques for how cities, companies, and individuals alike can learn faster via engineering serendipity.

10:00 The invisible workplace

Primo Orpilla Principle, Studio O+A

We live in an increasingly seamless world. The café on the corner may be the place where the breakthrough deal is sealed, while the best coffee may be the gourmet grind delivered to the office break room each week. More and more the distinct divisions between home and work, street and office, high tech and low tech are fading. For designers the challenge now is to make “the workplace” disappear... and replace it with space that meets every need.

10:40 Coffee

Theme: Transforming workplace

11:10 Some projects with different solutions

Sergio Athië, Principal, Athië Wohnrath

In the world of enterprise architecture there are several factors that are common to all clients, how to create an efficient office that reflects the culture and brand. The fun and the challenges begin when we get into the details of solving specific problems of each client. Sergio Athié will discuss about different types of design solutions to address distinct demands raised with customers.

11:40 Living Office: Herman Miller

Eric Gonzales, Senior Workplace Strategist, Performance Environments

Herman Miller has begun introducing Living Office™– a naturally human integration of people, ideas, tools, furnishings and spaces, to create a more desirable workplace. This presentation will share research and insight behind this progressive vision.
Herman Miller’s Living Office™ – a naturally human integration of people, ideas, tools, furnishings and spaces to create a more desirable workplace. This presentation will share research and insight behind this progressive vision.

12:15 Transforming the workplace experience

Tiago Alves, Managing Director, Global WorkPlace Solutions, JCI

The rapid evolution of technology will continue to change the way we work - enabling, enhancing and transforming the workplace experience. Discover emerging technologies that will impact the future of FM, and learn how to integrate these innovations into your business operations today.

12:35 Quality of Life at the Workplace

Paulo Bittencourtr Facilities Management Director
Fernando Santa Brazil Marketing Director

Increasingly, research shows that aspects related to quality of life of employees are directly linked to productivity and results of organizations. This speech shows how the services associated with the work environment are key part and integrate the quality of life by bringing sustainable results for companies. 

13:00 Lunch

Theme: NEW WORLD OF WORK + People

14:05 Generations ...

Carla Mayumi, Partner, Box1824 and TalkInc

Young people embody the spirit of our time. They are the future of the workplace. Carla Mayumi will address the behavior and senses this new generation has and how it will structure our society and the future of work.

14:25 Anywhere Office

Alexandre Teixeira, journalist and author of ‘Felicidade S.A’

We have never been as free as today to work whenever, wherever and however we want. The technology gives us freedom from the punch clock and the confinement in standards bays. However, we never felt so overwhelmed. How can we find the balance?

14:50 Panel debate

Carla Mayumi, Partner, Box1824 and TalkInc
Alexandre Teixeira, journalist and author of ‘Felicidade S.A’
Ricardo Portella, professor at FAETERJ / FAETEC

Ricardo will join this Panel debate focusing in particular on the issues relating to the friction between the languages  of man and machine and how this impacts our use of technology in the virtual world.

15:10 Coffee

Theme: The Future of Work

15:40 Future of Brasil Real Estate


16:10 Global workplace innovation

Philip Ross Futurologist & CEO,Cordless Group & UNWORK

Philip will look at global workplace innovation and trends examining case studies from his latest book, Space to Work. Reviewing some of the world most innovative work places including the incredible Macquarie Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia buildings in Sydney, Facebook and Yammer in San Francisco, Google, Interpolis, Rabobank and Microsoft in Europe and many more, Philip will explore how organisations are evolving to address the needs of knowledge workers.

16:40 Thinks Tanks, technological unemployment and the future of work

Gil Giardelli, Digital expert, professor, web activist and author of 'Você é o que você compartilha'

it’s time to set our project as a nation, our plot of innovation. It’s time for high impact education and the creation of a creative and innovative country that will compete in the era of collective innovation and circular economy. Or we wake up to a world based on risk, innovation, transformative education and collective ethics, or we would back brushing bites, selling commodities and looking at pass band.
We will work less and have time to think more and learn more, and we will remember the words of Henry Ford, who was ahead of his time, said: "Thinking is the hardest work there is, and maybe this is the reason for so few engage in it"

17:10 Chairman’s closing remarks


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