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Conference: Wednesday, 10th December 2014, AOA (Asociación de Oficinas de Arquitectos)

08:30 Registration

09:05 Chairman’s opening remarks

Peter Toskana-Lanzendorff, Director, Walme

Peter Toskana is designer and director of the international interior design firm Walmer.  Peter has experience with management and leadership roles in multidisciplinary projects such as corporate identity, branding, interior design and retail both nationally and internationally for major brandsr

09:10 Welcome from Host

Change and The New Reality of Space

09:15 Life of Work. What Office Design can learn from the
World around us.

Prof Jeremy Myerson, International Author

Jeremy Myerson is author of over 18 books and articles on all aspects of design, art and architecture. He is an active researcher and a frequent speaker and chair at international conferences. Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre of London’s Royal College of Art and the first-‐ ever holder of the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design, with a remit to encourage ‘design that improves quality of life’.

09:55 The Sweetspot of Change.

David Firth, International Author, Organisational Development and Change Management Consultant

Many organizations still struggle to engage their people around change. David’s focus is in how – or, more precisely, where – corporate cultures change. In this session he will demonstrate that by shifting ‘the nature and quality of the conversation’ amongst your stakeholders, you can deploy a more effective change management process. David will also share insights from his latest work in releasing whole new levels of engagement at work.

10:40 COFFEE

Work´s evolution : technology, space and people under a new paradigm

11:10 The World’s most Innovative Workplaces

Philip Ross, CEO, UNWORK

Philip will look at global workplace innovation and trends examining case studies from his latest book, Space to Work. Reviewing some of the world most innovative work places including the incredible Macquarie Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia buildings in Sydney, Facebook and Yammer in San Francisco, Google, Interpolis, Rabobank and Microsoft in Europe and many more, Philip will explore how organisations are evolving to address the needs of knowledge workers

11:50 The Smarter Office: Concepts of Innovation in the Application of New Technologies in Workspaces

Martin Jasper, Architect

Jasper as prizewinning international architect, will outline the vision and reality for the world of work reviewing the changing pace of technological advancement and its impact as catalyst for these changes.

12:10 Google’s vision for a successful workplace

Amalia Franke, Regional Facilities Manager, Latin America, Google

With about a billion search requests processed per day, Google’s bid to ‘organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’ is ever-becoming a reality. But what’s just as remarkable as the bold business ambition is the expectations on what Google demands of its workspaces. Amalia shares the thinking behind one of the world’s most enviable workplaces.

12:40 Hangout: Thoughts on the Evolving Workplace with

Philip Ross and Amalia Franke

12:55 LUNCH

Fostering Prosperous Creativity:
The key ingredients for a successful workplace?

13:50 It’s All About the Vibe: How to Create and Sustain a World Class Office of the Future

Kelly Robinson, Expert in Future of Workplace Design

Tech companies are engaging in fierce competition for top engineering talent. This makes the offi ce environment a key player in building and maintaining a world class organization. Kelly as Workplace Designer for global headquarters of tech startup giants Airbnb and SoundCloud, sheds light on the vital components for creating, sustaining, and managing a remarkable office vibe, explaining how she goes back to the basics of fundamental human needs to create sustainable spaces for the future.

14:20 The reality - dealing with this new freedom / disruption in the workplace

Alexandre Teixeira, journalist and author of ‘Felicidade S.A’

We have never been as free as today to work whenever, wherever and however we want. The technology gives us freedom from the punch clock and the confinement in standards bays. However, we never felt so overwhelmed. How can we find the balance

14:45 Panel Debate: HR Perspective

Tamara Goldvarg, HR Regional Manager,, Contract Workplaces,
Gonzalo Mata, Associate Director Latam, Wall Chase Group

Leonel González, Consultant in Management and Organizational Development, Universidad Alliant International

Alexandre Teixeira, Journalist and author of "Felicidade S.A."

15:30 COFFEE

What Does the Future Hold

16:00 Change Your Space, Change Your Culture

Todd James, Vice President Global Sales, Haworth

Discover how engaging spaces can transform your organization.
Space design has a powerful effect on the human psyche. Our homes, museums, sports arenas, places of worship, and even airport terminals reveal that.
The work environment isn’t any different. Todd focus is to transforming business by rethinking the workplace and reveals the secrets of companies that discovered the power of culture and space.

16:30 The Paleolithic Man Office

Victor Feingold, CEO, Contract Workplaces

Over 90% of the evolutionary history of man has spent in intimate contact with the natural world. Our biology has prepared us to interact with the environment and, despite the enormous changes that have occurred in recent years, our relationship with the environment still has the imprint of these innate mechanisms, many of which are inadequate or dysfunctional in today’s technological world. It is therefore not surprising that in modern office predominate health disorders resulting from stress and physical inactivity, resulting from a design that separate humans from nature.

17:00 Creating an Innovative Community in an Era of Collective Innovation

Gil Giardelli, Digital expert, professor, web activist and author of ‘Você é o que você compartilha’

It’s time to set our project as a nation, our plot of innovation. It’s time for high impact education and the creation of an innovative community that will compete in the era of collective innovation and a circular economy.

17:30 Chairman’s closing remarks

17:45 DRINKS

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