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Workplace Design magazine

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WORKTECH13 Melbourne

Conference Programme

Thursday 16th May 2013

Presentations will include:

It's all about the Kids!

Lee Penson CEO, Penson

Lee Penson is one of Europe’s leading designers & workplace strategists who designs for the likes of Google, Cisco through to rap star Jay-Z at a global level. He will run through an emotive slant on workplaces moving forwards.

The Versatile Workplace

Primo Orpilla Principle, Studio O+A

As technology transforms the way we work, the separation between workplace and home, café and conference room becomes less distinct. For tech workers and members of the creative class midnight may be a productive hour; the office may be the best place to work out; the corner bar the best place to hatch a new idea. A modern designer creates spaces for every possibility.

Workplace 2020, Coca-Cola

Julie Seitz Director, Workplace 2020, Coca-Cola

Julie leads a team to re-imagine and renovate the Coca-Cola Atlanta headquarters campus into a state-of-the-art workplace that reflects the vibrancy and integrity of the world’s best-loved brands.

CREATE: Collaboration, Real Estate And Travel Ecosystem: Managing the Consumerized Workplace like Business Travel

John Arenas CEO Serendipity Labs, Founder & CEO Worktopia

Knowledge workers are choosing how, when and where they work from moment to moment. For many organizations, the distributed workplace is now an unbridled Wild West lacking proper controls over information security, personal safety, technology and more. The arrival of the consumerized, distributed work era doesn’t have to mean a loss of compliance or of the ability to foster collaboration and innovation. Strategic workplace management professionals can get a look into their future, by becoming students of the recent consumerization of the Business Travel Management Industry.

Making Work Human: A Glimpse at the Future of Work

Harald Becker Senior Design Strategist, Microsoft Office Envisioning

Let’s reimagine the future of work…Our interactions with the digital world of work should support human activity and human behaviour. Instead of just making us more efficient, we believe they should also make us more innovative, foster empathy and trust, help us have insights and free us up to synthesize and innovate. We believe there are three themes that enable this future: Bringing people together, Natural flow, Enhancing our intuition.

The Evolution of Change Management: Changing the Way Organizations Manage Workplace Change

Diane Stegmeier Founder & CEO, Stegmeier Consulting

Workplace change management has evolved over the years, and a very different approach is necessary to keep pace with organizations’ plans for significant real estate portfolio reductions. Diane Stegmeier, author of the book The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments, will discuss new research findings on ensuring optimal workforce acceptance and adoption of flexible work environments and will share emerging change imperatives necessary to maximize real estate savings.

Engineering Serendipity

Greg Lindsay Author

Innovation is fundamentally social. Case study after study has shown that the best ideas are more likely to arise from a casual chat around the water cooler than any scheduled meeting. They are the result of serendipity - a chance encounter at the right time by the right people, regardless of their rank, affiliation, and department or whether they even work for the same company. Journalist Greg Lindsay will share techniques for how cities, companies, and individuals alike can learn faster via engineering serendipity.

Workplace Resilience + Adaptation

Peter Miscovich Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

Business disruption and discontinuous change have become “The New Normal”. Emerging technologies and accelerating global economic, social and climate change related risks have begun to converge with increasing frequency and greater intensity. These disruptive factors in aggregate will contribute to increased uncertainty and complexity across global organizations at every level. As a result, the corporate workplace will need to adapt to continuous disruptive transformational change – and therefore we will require new and improved agile and adaptive interventions and solutions.

Building Intelligence, it’s Redefining Work

Guy Holden Vice President & General Manager, Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions

In a flash, technology is changing working habits, workspaces and utilization patterns. It enables improved collaboration and flexibility for users, and new capabilities for RE/FM professionals to track fluctuating utilization trends at faster rates with sound data to achieve stronger workplace outcomes. Learn how Building Intelligence allows workplace professionals to create successful, efficient and influential workspaces for its occupiers.

New Urban Spaces for More Connected Communities and Economies

Alex Michel Co-Director, 5M Project, Pier 70 & 5M PlaceWorks

The evolution of the internet has shown us a profound human drive to openly connect people and ideas. The digital space showed us what's possible. We now want our urban environment to function in a very similar fashion - fluid, open, flexible, connected... How do we redesign the city to function more like an open network? We begin by prototyping new environments for living, working, and gathering. Forest City's San Francisco team has been researching the future of the city and creating disruptive models for a more connected urban experience, specifically at the 5M Project, Pier 70, and beyond. Forest City's Alex Michel offers insight and outcomes of their unique work in San Francisco.

Emerging Technologies and The Future Workplace

Philip Ross Futurologist & CEO UNWORK

Philip will look at how new and emerging technology will change real estate from dumb container to real time asset, connecting not just inanimate objects but the people who come to work. Philip will predict that Real Time Real Estate space will become a variable cost, and paint a vision of the future, illustrated with examples of early adopters of workplace innovation from around the globe.

Beyond Location: The Future of Contextual Computing

Brett Martin Founder & CEO, Sonar

Early platforms like Foursquare have shown the value of geo for both users and marketers, but it's becoming clear that the next wave of innovation will go far beyond location to incorporate multiple vectors from the sensors in our pocket to our data in the cloud.

People Analytics

Ben Waber President & CEO, Sociometric Solutions

Despite the fact that communication and information flow is among the most crucial aspects of any business, until today there hasn't been any objective, scalable way to capture that information. Using cutting edge wearable sensing technology Ben investigates how people communicate with each other in the real and virtual world and how their communication patterns impact happiness, individual performance, and organizational success.

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