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WORKTECH 13 London

Conference Programme Day 2 : 20 November, British Museum, London

8:30 - 9.00am

Registration & Refreshments

9:00 - 9.10am

Welcome from the Chair

Alison Maitland


Conversations with Charles Handy

Charles Handy

Charles will discuss his visions for the future of work and have a dialogue with Philip Ross. during the morning, Charles will invite guests to continue a series of conversations with him and others about various aspects of Life, Work & Learning. Through 'The empty Chair', Charles will lead guests to explore these issues, what it means for them and their organisations.

Charles Handy's sessions will be accompanied by an exhibition, by Elizabeth Handy, of The Acorns of Diss, a series of portraits, in words and pictures, of local business people who set up their own small enterprises as their response to the lack of jobs. They are examples of the growing Acorn economy of micro businesses that has to be part of the future of work in this country. A booklet containing these portraits was commissioned by the South Norfolk Council for use in their job clubs, as a way of encouraging young people to think of eventually setting up on their own, of looking for customers rather than jobs.

9.10 - 9.50am

The New Workforce

The new numbers, spliced careers, portfolio lives, gaps, uncertainties and unanswered questions. Where is the future in this scenario? For us or for that of our children?

9.50 - 10.30am

The New Organisations

Disappearing middles, muddled federalism, virtual management and complexity. What parts exist in our own organisations?

10.30 - 10.45pm

Implications and Discussion 'The Empty Chair'

Charles Handy, Author, Philosopher and Guru in Organisational behaviour and management

10:45 - 11:15am

Networking Coffee break


Designing the Future with Charles Handy

11.15 - 11.55am

The New Necessities

Alchemists, Acorns, Agents, Apprenticeships, Action Learning. How can we help design a better future?

11.55 - 12.35pm

The New Lives

The sigmoid curves, tripartite lives, personal still lives, eudaimonia. What is our next curve?

12.35 - 12.45pm

Implications and Discussion 'The Empty Chair'

Charles Handy & guests

12.45 - 1:45am


Networking Lunch Break


The New World of Work

1.45 - 2.20pm

Justifying Place in an Increasingly Virtual World

Frank will explore the entire scale of connectedness from macro level (bringing people together to celebrate the Olympics) to intimate connections between two people. He will speak to his passion on urbanism by presenting his thoughts on the importance of the city in bringing together people for work, play and social connection.

2.20 - 3.00pm

Working Out: Productivity and the Knowledge Worker

Measuring productivity of knowledge workers has often been described as the 'god particle' of workplace strategy. Jones Lang LaSalle is currently “testing” this hypothesis globally via a series of productivity workout sessions, including at WorkTech Amsterdam.

How can corporations go about capturing the impact of workplace strategies on organisational culture and employee engagement? Will it provide new insights for the business?Join us for perspectives on this and the consideration of adaptive interventions and solutions being explored by other leading organisations.

3.00 - 4.20pm

Networking Coffee Break

4.20 - 4.35pm

4.20 The Invisible Workplace: Learnings from the West Coast

We live in an increasingly seamless world. The café on the corner may be the place where the breakthrough deal is sealed, while the best coffee may be the gourmet grind delivered to the office break room each week. More and more the distinct divisions between home and work, street and office, high tech and low tech are fading. For designers the challenge now is to make “the workplace” disappear.... and replace it with space that meets every need.

4:35 - 5:05pm

The Future (Financial) Workplace

Les Peter, Morgan Stanley
James Maddock, DTZ
Martin Evetts, Haworth
Tim Yendall, Head of RBS Choice, Design & Moves

5.05 - 5.45pm

Engineering Serendipity

Innovation is fundamentally social. Case study after study has shown that the best ideas are more likely to arise from a casual chat around the water cooler than any scheduled meeting.They are the result of serendipity - a chance encounter at the right time by the right people, regardless of their rank, affiliation, and department or whether they even work for the same company. Journalist Greg Lindsay will share techniques for how cities, companies, and individuals alike can learn faster via engineering serendipity.


Chair's Closing Remarks

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