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WORKTECH 13 London

Conference Programme Day 1 : 19 November, British Museum, London

8.30 - 9.00am

Registration & Refreshments

9.00 - 9.10am

Welcome from the Chair

Jeremy Myerson

9.10 - 10.00am

Business Reimagined: Shifts in the digital revolution

Dave and Philip will examine the way we work, whether we are engaged and energised in the office or sometimes feel that days are dominated by process and technology. Reimagining business is about waking up to a new environment, based on collaborative and flexible working, on technology that, used correctly, liberates rather than constrains. The future of work must be based on being open, on focusing on results, not process and on empowerment, not hierarchy.

10.00 - 10.15am

Hangout & Poetry

10.15 - 10.45am

People Analytics

Ben, visiting scientist and MIT Mediator, will explore how using cutting edge sensing technology enables people to communicate with each other in the real and virtual world and how this impacts happiness, individual performance, and organisational success.

10.45 - 10.50am

Food & Drink Today – Welcome from Ben Warner, Benugo

10.50 - 11.20am

Coffee break


Theme: Technology - cause and effect

11.20 - 11.50am

... The Trouble with Technology

On balance, technology has improved our work life, yet many promises aren’t kept ...time to raise expectations? Hall of Fame or Graveyard. Less or more stress: how some technology delights and others rile us. Explore how to wade the technology isles.

11.50 - 12.30pm

The Technology, Media, Telecomms Sector: Lessons to be Learnt?

With their often innovative and quirky workplace design, early adoption of “alternative” workplace practices, TMTs appear to offer a genuine sense of flexibility, innovation and autonomy to their employees. However, what can non-TMTs do to enhance their workspace to create a similar energy that can attract, retain and foster the best talent?

12:30 - 1:30pm

Networking Lunch


Theme: People & Change

Theme: Technology & Agile Working


1.35 - 2.05pm

Changing Corporate Culture and Image

GLIMMA is the global brand implementation partner of choice for some of the world's best known brands. Working with companies such as Fedex, dior, Shell

Extreme Collaboration

A look at new technologies such as Lync and SMART for meeting spaces of the future allowing real time collaboration and effective working across distance


2.05 - 2.25pm

Scenarios 2018

"Scenarios 2018” is one way in which Herman Miller tries to understand and learn about changes in future workplace. Through research and tools such as scenario planning, companies are better able to anticipate change, respond creatively towards emerging user needs and be better prepared for the future. Mark will share some findings from the most recent Scenarios project.

Where will we work in 2018?

Companies are closing offices at a dramatic rate as they adopt agile and mobile working, so how is this going to affect workplace design and management in the next five years? Based on new research for MITIe, Peter Smith gives an insight into what the uk's top property owners are doing to create the true Workplace of the Future.


2.25 - 3.05pm

Interview: Is there a future for HR?

This session is sponsored by, an online HR publication offering commentary and opinion on the HR function and its place in the future of business.

This panel will explore important trends in HR including: how organisations are changing rapidly - from hierarchy to network organizations, the increasing influence of millennials, the increasing importance of global collaborations and the speed of innovations enabled by technology. What does this mean for HR? Is there a future for HR or will HR become obsolete? What is required of HR to be leading change and not following change?

Vanessa Robinson, Head of Research, Chartered Institute of Personnel & development interviewing Tom Haak, Global director HR, Arcadis Group NV and Ken Manke, VP, Global Workplace Services

Panel Debate: Corporate Real Estate and Mobility

Ziona Strelitz, Director, ZZA Responsive User environments

Ben Munn, Head of Workplace, Regus

Tom Keeney, Workforce Management Director, BT

and others TBC


3.05 - 3:25pm

Networking Coffee Break

3.25 - 3.55pm

Big data to big insight: It’s redefining the world of work

Data is useless without interpretation. Workplace technologies are producing more data than ever before, however, the art is to distinguish between mere information and something that can benefit the business. Learn how real-time building data can be captured, analysed and converted into actionable intelligence, to enable strategic decision-making and more robust workplace strategies.

3.55 - 4.20pm


Virtual space is the new space to work and live. Erik will explore you-topia and describe the new playground, rules for work and the life- work balance you create based on your energy and way of life.

4:20 - 4.30pm

Chair's Closing Remarks

4.30 - 6:00pm

Networking Drinks Reception


VIP Dinner - Invite only

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